Friday Favorites–My Birthday 2014

I was born on Mother’s Day.  Obviously, most years my birthday is not actually on Mother’s Day, but this year they landed together again.  Last time that happened my husband ended up having to leave to spend the day guarding the President.  Of the United States.  Yeah, how many people have had their birthday and Mother’s Day ruined by the President visiting their town?  This year he’s all mine.  My husband, I mean.

It’s track season again, and since my son is graduating this year and not pursuing a college athletic career, it’s my last.  I’m going to miss standing in the mushy grass under my big umbrella, dressed in so many layers I don’t even want to think about the next laundry day.  I need this Sky Umbrella from Uncommon Goods just for the sake of nostalgia.

I admired Le Creuset cookware from afar for many years.  I’d heard great things about it, and I love all the colors it comes in, but let’s face it – the stuff is spendy.  Then one day my husband and I were ogling it at Macy’s and the saleswoman asked us if we saw the piece on the clearance table.  Lead the way, we said.  There it was, stuffed on a bottom shelf of the back of a table in a weird corner, our first Le Creuset purchase.  We’ve since added another as our anniversary gift to each other last year and a third piece a friend gave us for Christmas.  We are SO hooked.  Next on my wish list is this Set of 3 Mini Cocottes with Tray

Mini Cocottes from Le Creuset

My husband, my son and I are Walking Dead fans.  Yes, it’s kinda gross, but they hooked me with the story from the very beginning.  Of course, we’ve discussed our zombie apocalypse plan, usually at length and over dinner.  I will be wielding a crossbow.  I also need this pair of Zombie Apocalypse Partners keychains from MauiWauiStamping on Etsy.  You know, in case we get separated.

Zombie Apocalypse Partners by MauiWauiStamping on Etsy

My sister introduced me to the Saltworks website a while back.  I’ve been hooked on Fusion Black Truffle Salt for a few years now, to the point my family calls it Crack Salt.  Now I’m ready to try Bonfire Extra Bold Smoked Sea Salt.  Just reading the description makes my mouth water.

Bonfire Extra Bold Smoked Sea Salt from Saltworks

I haven’t had time to read as much as I’d like lately.  The last couple of books I read were on my tablet, but I still enjoy an actual paper-paged book too.  There’s just that little problem of trying to hold it open.  Etsy seller tylerswoodworks has that solved with this Thumb Ring Book Page Holder.

Thumb Ring Book Page Holder by tylerswoodworks on Etsy

I can see two problems solved with this Split Decision Pie Pan from Cooks.  Of course there’s the option of making two kinds of pie in one pan so everyone has a flavor they like.  But what if you’re an at-home craft blogger who doesn’t want leftover pie hanging around her house, calling her to eat pie for lunch?  See, then I…I mean she, can just make one half.

Split Decision Pie Pan on Chefs

My son recently discovered that Pinterest isn’t just for girls.  I started following him, and for that honeymoon period where he had just found it my feed was covered in camping gear, weapons and tools.  In the midst of all that, he also managed to find the coolest sewing machine ever and sent me the pin.  If this Leitfaden sewing machine, shown on Yanko Design is ever actually produced, I’m going to need to see it in person.

Leitfaden Sewing Machine on Yanko Design

I’ve tried journaling off and on through the years.  I wish I could stick with it, but I never seem to.  Maybe I just need the right motivation, like this beautiful handmade leather journal from Smyrnacrafts on Etsy.

Leather Journal by Smyrnacrafts on Etsy

My husband and I have a lifelong goal of visiting all 50 states together.  We’ve knocked out about 18 or 20 so far, but that leaves many to go.  I want to find a wall in my house and make this Personalized Photo Map from Cut Craft Create in a big enough scale that we can put photos on even the tiniest of states.

Personalized Photo Map from Cut Craft Create

For my birthday I usually want something a little different than a basic bakery cake.  Sometimes it doesn’t have to be cake-related at all.  This year, it will be Salted Caramel Browned Butter Cookie Cups from Buns in my Oven.  I just…I can’t even…aaahhh!

Salted Caramel Browned Butter Cookie Cups from Buns in my Oven

I hope all of you moms out there have a fantastic day on Sunday.  I know I will!

Friday Favorites–My Birthday 2013

Since tomorrow is the day to celebrate my entrance into the world a few years ago, instead of my normal round-up of crafty goodness I’m going to share some stuff I like.  Just because I can.  I get a little princessey on my birthday – just ask my husband. We bought a brand-new Jeep a couple of months ago, which I absolutely love, but I might be willing to give it up for this Wonder Woman Kia Sportage.  The funny thing is, my daughter drives a black Kia Soul with a big Batman symbol on the hood.  How great would those look together in the driveway?


I had my ears pierced for the first time when I was nine years old, in the bathroom at my house with almost-pointy-enough earrings.  For the next nine years, I wore any earrings I wanted with no issues whatsoever.  I even got a second row of piercings somewhere in there.  The day I turned 18 I went and had a third piercing added to my left ear.  That was the day I developed an allergy to nickel, but only in my ears.  It’s only gotten worse since then, to the point I can now only wear stainless steel earrings.  Fortunately, Etsy seller LaraOwensArt has some beautiful options for me.  And she’s in Florence, Oregon, which is where I spent my honeymoon!


When we remodeled our kitchen a couple of years ago, we included a double oven and I’m very glad we did.  It’s been really useful, especially for parties.  The one flaw is that there are two ovens, but one control panel with one timer.  I’m always scrambling to find the little timer that gets thrown in the drawer.  This Vintage Streamline Kitchen Timer at ThinkGeek is so pretty I could just leave it out on the counter.


I only discovered Fiesta dishware a few years ago, but my kitchen cabinets are pretty full of it already.  Since we’re hosting our daughter’s wedding at our house next year, I think some larger serving pieces are in order.  I love this new color, so that might just be my excuse.


My feet are always cold.  Combine that with track season spent out in the weather watching my son and these Heated Rechargeable Insoles from Bass Pro Shops are almost a necessity.

ThermaCell insoles

I used to always order meat well-done.  I didn’t want to see even a hint of pink.  One day I got brave and ordered seared tuna and realized I’d been completely wrong about myself.    Since then, I’ve also discovered I have a love for sushi and I can almost wield a set of chopsticks without embarrassing myself.  These Rainbow Chopsticks from the MoMA Store would be perfect with my Fiesta dishes.


I absolutely hate to have to rip out a seam when I’m sewing, but this Seam Ripper with Retractable Blade from Gingher is sexy enough to make it almost bearable.


I don’t have an official, down-in-writing bucket list, but one of the things I’d like to do before it all comes to a screeching halt is to visit all 50 states.  This USA Scratch Map from Perpetual Kid would be a fun way to keep track.


I have a tattoo.  I got it for one of my big round birthdays.  In Las Vegas, no less.  While that sounds kind of impulsive on the face of it, I actually spent months in planning.  I drew the design, got one of my artistic sisters to help me clean it up, worked out placement, researched tattoo establishments, spoke to the one I chose on the phone and talked to artists when I got there until I found The One.  I’m pretty wild.  The one thing I didn’t consider beforehand is that with my immune system disease, getting a tattoo was pretty risky, so I won’t be getting any more ink.  However, I still love the style, so I’ll just have to find other places for it besides my skin.  This Flight of Imagination design from Urban Threads (currently in their Freebie section) might find it’s way onto a shirt or bag.


Apparently I’m never going to get tired of cookie dough.  If my hips didn’t like it so much too, I could probably eat it every day.  I can’t believe the Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook even exists, and I want it.  Badly.

Cookie Dough Lover's Cookbook

I’m off to see what kind of trouble I can get into tomorrow.  Have a fantastic Mother’s Day this weekend!

Friday Favorites–My Birthday

I would swear I just had one, but according to the calendar today is my birthday.  My oldest child is graduating from high school soon, so my husband is taking me shopping for a dress.  I feel like I need a button to wear that says “Call me ma'am and suffer the consequences.”  But they’re welcome to ask for my ID, should I choose to order a beverage containing alcohol.  Wait until you see how cranky I’ll get when I have really big birthdays.

I came across a few things that made me much less cranky though.  For starters, how could I, being a crafter, not smile at this little beauty?  It can be found at Joann, and I just can’t get over what a great job Singer did combining the old and new.


When I was a kid, in the olden days before computers, I actually loved to type.  My husband gave me a tablet for my birthday last year, so this USB Typewriter from Uncommon Goods just seems like a perfect fit.


Speaking of my little tablet, the reason I wanted one in the first place was to read books on it.  I don’t read a lot of non-fiction, but I think my next one will be Imagine:  How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer.  I always find it fascinating to hear a scientist try to explain why we do what we do.


If you understand the references on this t-shirt, you know why it’s one of my all-time favorite movies.  If you don’t, go find The Princess Bride and watch it.  Right now.  But don’t read the book – it’s truly awful.  Inconceivable.


I have ridiculously sensitive teeth.  Not because I’m getting older – they’ve always been that way.  I rarely even bother trying to drink something cold without a straw, so I’m pretty sure I need these Bent Glass Straws from Etsy seller ManyMinis.


I already got a fabulous coffee cup for my birthday from my sister.  It came from Amazon in a GIANT blue velvet bag, which made it extra fun to open.  In case you’re new here, I’m a big Wonder Woman fan.

Wonder Woman

I’ve been on a search for some cute red heels.  I don’t know where I’m going to wear them, it just seems like something that should be available in my closet when I figure it out.  This pair from DSW might be The One.

DSW red shoes

As a graduation gift, we’re taking our daughter and her friend to Disneyland.  This cute Dooney & Bourke bag might not be in the budget (after high school comes college), but I will have to find it there, just so I can see it in person.  No really, I just want to look at it.  Really.


When my husband and I got married, almost 21 years ago, we decided we didn’t need or want formal china.  A few years ago, I found my “china” in Fiesta ware.  I have quite a bit of it now, but there’s always a new piece or color on my radar.  Right now, it’s this chip and dip set.  Love.


Do you remember the brownie/cookie dough/cake dessert from last year?  It was heavenly.  This year, I’m leaning toward these Salted Caramel Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Bars from Made with Pink.  Tell me your mouth is not watering right now.


I’m off to do some celebrating.  Have a great Mother’s Day this weekend!

Birthday Badge

My little girl turned 18 this week.  I don’t know where the time went.  I swear we were just trying to get her to take her first steps last week, now we’re lucky if we can catch her as she runs in and out the door.

Her birthday was on Monday, which deserves something a little extra. I decided to make a badge for her to wear so everyone at school would know it was a special day for her and give her the big, ninja-attack hugs she’s so fond of passing out to others. 


This bright idea hit me at about 10:45 the night before her birthday, so please forgive the messiness of it.  To make this, you’ll need fabric, thin cardboard, clear vinyl, bias tape, a pin back and an oval birthday message printout.  I printed mine on cardstock, but it would also work on regular paper.  If you have little ones around, it would be fun to let them create a design for you.


Cut out the printout, then use it as a pattern to cut the vinyl, cardboard and fabric.  Layer the pieces with the fabric at the back (wrong side up), the cardboard, the printout (facing up) and the vinyl.  I found it helpful to put a bit of double stick tape between each layer to hold it in place.  I didn’t put any between the printout and vinyl, although you could use it close to the edge.  Glue would work as well.

Unfold one side of the bias tape.  Press one end under 1/4”.  Starting with the pressed end, lay the tape so the edge is even with the edge of the vinyl and the folded side of the tape is to the inside.  Stitch close to the fold line all the way around, holding the vinyl in place.  Stop after the tape overlaps itself and clip the remainder of the tape off.


Turn the tape over the edge toward the back.  Mine was pretty tight.  Stitch around on the front close to the inside edge of the tape and again toward the outside edge.


I’ve mentioned before how great I am at binding, which is essentially what this is, so the back of mine looks like it was done by a rabid squirrel.  Fortunately, no one is going to see the back.


I forgot the press the end of the tape under before I started, so I ended up with a raw edge showing.  Remember, it was getting late at this point.


I just gathered one edge of a bit of the bias tape, turned it into a little flower and sewed it on to cover it up.


I sewed a pin back on, but you could also hot glue it.  There’s that squirrel again.


As I suspected, she kind of gave me the “Oh, Mom…” face when I gave it to her and then went on to secretly enjoy the attention all day.  She didn’t want to poke a hole in her shirt, so we clipped it on with a hair clip through the pin.


You only turn 18 once, so you deserve all the attention you can get.  Or 28.  Or 37.  Or 42…

My Birthday 2011

Today is my birthday.  I won’t go into which one this is for me, let’s just say that in high school I danced to most of the songs from Glee.  Anyway, I thought I’d share my little wish list with you again, even though I’m still waiting for my titanium spork from last year. 10.  I’ve had my eye on these framed photos of letters for at least a year.  I’m thinking about trying to photograph my own, but if not I’ll be visiting Uncommon Goods for their version.  The hardest part is figuring out what I want to spell.


9.  I love to read, even though I don’t have as much time to do it as I’d like.  My favorites are sci-fi, fantasy, mystery and even a little horror.  I’ve wanted to read the Game of Thrones series since they started advertising the new HBO series based on it.  Maybe I’ll just give up sleep.


8.  Remember when you could actually rest the phone between your ear and shoulder while you were talking on it?  Well, I do.  I miss being able to multi-task while I talk.  Now the phone either slips or I hang up with my cheek.  Retro Bluetooth Handset from ThinkGeek to the rescue.


7.  We were in Seattle a couple of years ago and I saw a typewriter key bracelet in the window of a jewelry store.  I’ve wanted one ever since.  Luckily for me, they can be found on Etsy, like this one from HauteKeys.

typewriter key necklace

6.  Let me start by saying I cannot pull these off.  I don’t have the right shape.  However, we saw a woman wearing these ruffled pants in a capri length at Crafty Wonderland who looked fantastic in them.  The fact that these, from SweetassDesigns on Etsy, are red and black makes them even better.


5.  I mentioned last year that my best ideas come to me in the shower.  My second-best ideas come right before I fall asleep, creating a need for the I Can’t Sleep Journal from Uncommon Goods.  It would work perfectly with the light-up pen I keep in my nightstand.


4.  Since I have a couple of different books listed here, I’m going to need something to hold them up.  Enter James the Bookend from the MoMA store.  And his twin, to hold up the other side.


3.  I work from home, so I don’t actually need to carry my lunch anywhere most of the time.  However, I love these Bright Tiffins from Twine so much, I’m going to find an excuse.  I might use them to carry it out to the back deck.


2.  A local boutique had some cowboy rain boots last year that I was completely in love with.  I never went and bought them, and I regret that.  I live in Oregon.  If I could ever justify a shoe purchase, it’s rain boots.  Even though the ones I really wanted are no longer available, I think I could bring myself to substitute these from Amazon.


1.  This is the one thing on this list I can guarantee I will have on my birthday.  I saw it last week when I was working on my cookie post.  I already told my husband and daughter all about it.  The supplies are in the pantry and they are going to make it for me.  This thing is a brownie, cookie dough and cake bit of heaven.  Thank you Cookies and Cups for providing the nirvana that will hold my candles this year.  I’ll be in touch again after I come out of the sugar coma.


Friday Favorites–Cookies

I decided since next week contains both Mother’s Day and my birthday that I would feature my favorite dessert, and possibly food, on the planet – COOKIES!  If it were possible to survive on cookie dough with the occasional baked cookie thrown in for texture variation, I’d do it.

These Sugar Cookie Truffles from Cookies and Cups aren’t strictly a cookie, but they start out as one, so I’m including them here.  These would survive about two seconds in my house.


I want to throw a full-on, girly tea party just so I can serve these Teabag Shortbread Cookies from Accent the Party.


I’ve rarely met a cookie I didn’t like, but my most favorite is chocolate chip.  They just aren’t usually very cute.  Sweetopia has changed all that with these Chocolate Chip Decorated Cookies.


Just in time for Mother’s Day, Mega Crafty shares these tattoo-themed Mom Cookies.


I’m not a big fan of actual mojitos, but the mint/citrus combo sounds tasty in these Mojito Butterfly Cookies from The Cooking Photographer.


I think these Popcorn Cookies from The Decorated Cookie are just adorable.  They look so comic bookish.


I’m a little late for both April Fool’s Day and Cinco de Mayo, but I couldn’t leave out these Chips and Salsa Cookies from The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle.


These Tie Dye Cookies from What I Live For look like they would be fun to make with a pint-sized helper.


Not quite as much as cookies, but I also love strawberries.  I ate so many when I was pregnant with my daughter I was afraid she’d come out all red and covered in seeds.  I’d happily replace the real ones with this version from Bake at 350.


As I mentioned, my birthday is next week, so I’m going to wrap this up with Birthday Cake Cookies from 1 Fine Cookie.  I’ve had cookies instead of cake for the past several years – maybe this will be the one this year!


It's my birthday, so here's a few of my favorite things

Today is my birthday, so I thought I'd share a list of ten things I think are kinda awesome.  Some of them are crafty, others not so much. 10.  Let's just get this out of the way:  I'm not a swimmer.  Furthermore, my bikini days are gone.  I don't usually notice swimwear but this bikini caught my eye in InStyle magazine.  I couldn't find it on their website, but here it is at Dillards .  For some reason it makes me wish for it.

9.  I am the queen of tiny injuries in annoying places.  I used to wear the kids' Blues Clues bandages, just because it's what we had in the house.  Now I want something not so flesh-toned of my own.  You can find these at Perpetual Kid, whose website is just fun to browse anyway.

8.  I really just want to see if these FitFlops are as great as they say they are.  Ok, I like the studs too.

7.  I really want an indoor herb garden, and I love that this one from Craftzine is made from recycled materials.  The only problem is, I would also need an indoor herb gardener to keep it alive.

6.  I love pens.  I am constantly searching for the perfect one.  This Crayola version at Perpetual Kid might be it.

5.  I love all the zipper detail on clothes and accessories right now.  I'm not usually a brooch-wearer, but I'd make an exception for this one from JoAnn.  It's just the right combination of girly and punk.

4.  I have some of my best ideas in the shower.  Unfortunately, as soon as the water's gone so is whatever I was thinking about.  This waterproof notepad from Incredible Things isn't a's a need.

3.  Hello.  My name is Staci and I'm a sugarholic.  This is just enabling my problem, but it gives me something to do with the debris from my other addiction:  coffee.  That makes it ok, right?  Right?!?  Thanks to the artist at Instructables who came up with this.

2.  If you've kept up with my blog, you know I'm a Wonder Woman fan.  I have been since I was a little girl.  Remember the Crayon T-Shirts?  This is another version of Wonder Woman by a different artist at Deviant Art that I would love to have on a shirt.  Or the hood of my car.  No?

1.  When I was a kid, we had this one odd spoon in the silverware drawer.  I don't know where it came from, and it wasn't particularly fancy or anything, but my sisters and I used to fight over it.  This one looks nothing like it, but made me think of it anyway.  These can be found at Think Geek and I have to get one.  Don't tell my sisters.