Printable 2017 Planner

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using the links. I feel like I embrace modern technology whenever I can.  I couldn't wait to get a smart phone back when they were called PDAs and didn't have access to the internet.  Between my husband and I we have a desktop computer, two laptops, two tablets and two smart phones, which doesn't even include his work phone and computer.  With all those electronics, I have access to my digital calendar everywhere I turn.  Still, I keep coming back to paper and pen. I have one paper calendar and one Lego calendar on my desk and a paper calendar hanging in my sewing room.  If I had to give one up, it probably would be the one that needs electricity.

It might go without saying, but I also have a planner.  I did give it up for a few years, but there's something so satisfying when you can write down a task and cross it off in INK.  Marking an electronic box doesn't provide me with the same rush.  This year, I decided I wanted one where each week was a full 8 1/2 by 11" page.  After some searching, I decided to make my own.  I know I'm a few days late for the start of the year, but I forgot to write "Share printable planner on the blog" in my new planner.  Irony at its finest.

As I said, each page is 8 1/2 by 11".  I sprung for some heavier 32 lb. paper so it wouldn't bleed through when I printed them or when I write in it.  I also hunted down some colorful month dividers.  I contained the whole thing in a 1" black view binder. I bought all three on Amazon, and the links will take you to each.

I printed these two sided, which I'd recommend unless you want a blank sheet on the back of each.  I followed the way my planner was laid out last year and completed each week, regardless if a new month fell into it.  That will make sense after you look at the pages.

Planner page inside
Planner page inside

At the front, I have yearly calendar pages for 2016 through 2019.  I like to be able to look at the years easily.  You know, just in case.

Yearly pages
Yearly pages

At the beginning of each month is a monthly calendar.  It might seem like overkill, but being able to see the entire month at a glance, separate from the rest of the year, can be handy.

Month page
Month page

I also added a page for menu planning and a shopping list.

Planner with menu page and shopping list
Planner with menu page and shopping list

There are two pages, so if you print it two-sided you can remove the shopping lists and keep the menu in your planner.

shopping list removed
shopping list removed

If you happen to have one of the tools shown in the photo below, originally for transferring marking to fabric, it works great to roll in down the middle of the two sides to perforate the paper.

Tool for perforating
Tool for perforating
perforated page
perforated page

Now for the downloads!  I kept each month separate to make it a little easier and not such a huge file.  The month pages are all together, as are the years.  The yearly file also includes the 2017 I used for the front.  Good luck and here's to a year of organization and marked checkboxes!

Yearly Calendars

Monthly Calendars













Menu and Shopping List

Friday Favorites–Christmas Countdowns

I seem to have a short attention span when it comes to the method we use in our house to count down to Christmas.  I’ve been through many over the years, never using the same one in exactly the same way for more than a couple of years.  I’m working on yet another, but this might be my favorite yet.  I’ll show it to you soon, but the only hint I’ll give right now is that it involves zippers.  In the meantime, I’ll share a few others I’ve found.  I might need to hang onto some of these for when I get that wandering eye again.

Friday Favorites - 10 Christmas Countdowns

So many Christmas countdowns are meant for kids, so I think it’s great that The Dating Divas have come up with one to share with your spouse.

The Dating Divas - Spouse Christmas Countdown

From My Feathered Nest made this clever countdown with beads that you move from one side to the other as the days pass.

From My Feathered Nest - Christmas Bead Countdown

Tell your kids they get to pop a balloon every day until Christmas AND there’s something inside and they’ll be all over this idea from The Gunny Sack.

The Gunny Sack - Smarties Surprise Christmas Countdown

The idea behind this calendar from CutesyCraftsBoutique on Etsy is that you add a piece to the scene at the top each day until its complete on Christmas.

CutesyCraftsBoutique - Christmas Countdown Calendar

This quick and easy idea from For My Love Of could hold any kind of ornaments or treats.

Corinna Ashley - Quick Christmas Countdown

This idea from Better Homes and Gardens is so sweet.  Each day you turn the number around to reveal a photo of a family member!

Better Homes and Gardens - Family Photo Christmas Countdown

This advent clock from Michele Made Me is a unique take on a countdown.

Michele Made Me - Advent Clock Calendar

This cone-shaped countdown from Spoonful would be easy to make and is great if you don’t have somewhere to hang a calendar.

Spoonful - Cone Advent

This ornament boxes from Burlap and Denim look pretty waiting in the vase and can be moved right to the tree as they’re opened.

Burlap and Denim - Advent Ornament Boxes

I don’t need to say anything about this quilt from Trillium Designs.  So cute!

Trillium Design - Stocking Advent Calendar Quilt

I’ve got to get back to work on my calendar!

Friday Favorites–Calendars

Ok, I know we’re almost a week into the new year already.  But I’m usually just now realizing I didn’t buy a calendar and I’m scrambling to find one that doesn’t have cats or cars on it.  The upside is, I don’t have to pay much for them.  That’s unless I cave in and use the one from the florist or the tire shop.  Free, but uninspiring.

Despite my inability to read the calendar and know I need to replace it, I have several in my house.  This Perpetual Button Calendar from Craft would be perfect for the sewing room.  I could see this made with magnets and an upcycled baking sheet.


This Printable Perpetual Calendar from S.C. Johnson is so simple.  It would be great in a little corner where you didn’t need a full-on calendar, like the laundry room.  I don’t know why you’d need to know what day it is in the laundry room, but just go with it.


I love how colorful and lively this Perpetual Calendar from Sandy’s Space is.

Calender Feb

I love the idea of perpetual calendars, which is probably obvious by now, but the problem is you can’t usually write on them.  This Vinyl Wall Calendar from Etsy seller SimpleShapes solves that issue nicely.


This printable Words to Live By Calendar from Home Made Simple is pretty, but what I really like is all the different ways they show to display it.  They also give you to option to download the pages as desktop backgrounds for your computer.


This Perpetual Family Calendar from Lowes would be a fun project to make with older kids.

Lowes Calendar

I’ve downloaded lots of fun backgrounds and screensavers from American Greetings over the years.  They happen to have a large collection of calendar desktop backgrounds, with several for each month.


You don’t often see a weekly perpetual calendar, but I love this Weekly Calendar from Next to Heaven.


This Vintage Postcard Calendar Journal from Design Sponge is amazing, and I wish I would have started something like this years ago.


I did buy a calendar for the dining room before Christmas.  It has nice, big squares for writing on.  The thing is, the front was shown in turquoise, and I assumed each month would be a different color.  Nope.  Every month is the same.  B-O-R-I-N-G!  What I need to brighten it up are these Cute Calendar Reminder Stickers from Etsy seller JoeyDesign.  I might just make up some appointments, just so I can put stickers all over it.


I hope your 2012 is off to a good start!