Friday Favorites–Halloween Costumes

Once again, the year has flown by and we're looking straight into the spooky eyes of Halloween.  Are you making any costumes?  Since it's on a Monday, and we're too far out in the boonies for trick-or-treaters, I'll probably go as "woman who makes dinner and watches a movie."  I know how to party. Friday Favorites - Halloween Costumes

No spaceman costume would be complete without this little Raygun from Epbot.

Ray Gun from Epbot

Speaking of spacemen…Rocket Backpack Costume from mikeasaurus on Instructables

Rocket Backpack Costume from mikeasaurus on Instructables

Making the stroller part of the costume is just smart parenting, like this Pirate Ship Stroller Costume from The French Tulip.

Stroller Pirate Ship from The French Tulip

Not sure how I feel about the name of this Halloween Wench from Red Heart – I mean, isn't she a pirate too? – but it's not often you see a costume you can crochet.

Halloween Wench from Red Heart

Who says all costumes have to be scary?  This Chiffon Fairy Dress from Coral and Co. is so sweet.

Chiffon Fairy Dress from Coral and Co

I had to include this Penguin Costume from eHow because how often do you see a DIY penguin costume?

Penguin Costume from eHow

This Where the Wild Things Are Costume from A Night Owl Blog is as adorable as the book.

Where the Wild Things Are Costume from A Night Owl Blog

My daughter was going to marry Batman when she was a little girl. Maybe she'll settle for this Batman Costume from Fleece Fun.

Batman Costume from Fleece Fun

This Little House on the Prairie Costume from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom takes me back to my childhood.

Little House on the Prairie Costume from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Don't leave out your furry little buddy when it comes to Halloween.  Try out this Unicorn Costume for Your Dog from Live Colorful.

Unicorn Dog Costume from Live Colorful

If that's not enough Halloween-ness for you, check out the collections of costumes from 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011!

I love curating my Friday Favorites each week, and I want to make sure that the talented people who have created these projects are fully acknowledged for their work.  Before you pin or share, please click through the link or photo to the originating website.  You can also find all the projects each week on my Friday Favorites Pinterest board.  Thank you!

Friday Favorites–Halloween Costumes

We moved our family out to the country about 11 years ago.  Before that, we lived in a neighborhood in the suburbs with lots of other families with small children.  We probably had quite a few trick-or-treaters stop at our house, but I wouldn’t know because we were out with our own little ones on Halloween.  I haven’t got to hand out candy since somewhere in the early 90’s. This year, I’m hanging out with my daughter while her husband goes on a civilian ride-along with mine.  Lots of trouble happens when Halloween is on a Friday night, so it’s all hands on deck at the police department.  The good news for me is that my daughter lives in an apartment complex with a jillion kids.  At least, that’s how it feels when you drive through the parking lot.  I get to hand out candy and admire all the spooky-cuteness.  I can’t wait!

Halloween Costumes - Crafty Staci's Friday Favorites

This Book Fairy Costume from Lilliedale would be the perfect thing for my book-loving daughter.  Although I doubt she could bring herself to do this kind of damage to any book.  They’re like puppies to her.

Book Fairy Costume by Lilliedale

We aren’t dressing up, but if we were, this Wonder Woman Costume from The Sewing Loft is what I would go with, hands down.

Make Your Own Wonder Woman Costume by The Sewing Loft

If you happen to be using my Robin Hood Hat pattern this year, you might be on the lookout for some green tights.  Dye your own with this tutorial from If You Give a Girl a Needle.

Dying Tights by If You Give a Girl a Needle

If you’re looking for something quick, easy and completely adorable, check out this Flower Pot Costume from Dukes and Duchesses.

Flower Pot Costume by Dukes and Duchesses

This little Wolf Costume from Make It and Love It has rascal written all over it.

Wolf Costume by Make It and Love It

I love the idea of using capes to create different costumes, like these from Simple Simon and Company.

Easy Cape Costumes by Simple Simon and Co

As the proud owner of a Maleficent t-shirt (bought years before the movie) I’ve gotta love a girl who thinks outside of the Disney princess box, like the wearer of this Evil Queen Costume from Northstory.

Evil Queen Costume by Northstory

Babies in costumes – it doesn’t get better than that.  This little Pineapple from Lines Across makes me smile.

Pineapple Onesie Costume by Lines Across

Sometimes you need a costume you can whip up quickly.  As long as you’ve got a yellow hat, the rest of this Last Minute Minion Costume from Make and Takes is a piece of cake.

Last Minute Minion Costume by Make and Takes

Not to leave out the traditional Halloween fare, I love these DIY Skeleton Gloves from Eat Sleep Make.

DIY Skeleton Gloves by Eat Sleep Make

Friday Favorites–Disneyland!

This time last week I was losing my voice on California Screamin’, waiting in the long line for Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy and trying to be the one person in the boat to not get soaked on Grizzly River Run.  That’s right my friends – I was in Disneyland.  It was a big family trip which included me, my husband, my daughter, her husband (technically on their honeymoon!), my son and his friend, who was a Disneyland newbie.  It was VERY hot, but we all had a fantastic time, and I’m still finding myself Disney dreaming now and then.  Since I’ve still got the mouse on my mind, I thought I’d share a few crafts today that relate to some of my favorite rides. Crafty Staci's Disneyland Crafts Friday Favorites

Pirates of the Caribbean

This one has always been one of my very favorite rides.  I think they did a great job of incorporating the movie aspects into the ride without ruining it.  This simple Felt Pirate Hat from Simple Simon and Company will have you feeling like a rowdy rapscallion in no time.  Also perfect for Talk Like a Pirate Day today!

Felt Pirate's Hat by Simple Simon and Company

It’s a Small World

The kids suffered through this one for me and my husband.  It’s a must-ride for us on every trip.  What would a day at Disneyland be without that song stuck in your head?  You’re welcome. If an occasional vacation isn’t enough for you, check out this It’s a Small World Kids’ Room Mural from Merryweather’s Cottage.

It's a Small World Mural by Merryweathers Cottage

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

My son was a huge Buzz Lightyear fan when he was a little guy.  We have a photo of him, beaming, next to the Space Ranger on a previous Disney trip.  He loves this ride now, but back then he would have flipped.  I remember at least one DIY Buzz costume, but this one from Fun at Home with Kids is really impressive.

DIY Buzz Lightyear Halloween Costume by Fun At Home With Kids

Sleeping Beauty Castle

We didn’t manage to get a photo out front or go inside the castle on this trip, but even without that it remains an unmistakable focal point in the park.  It’s also home to my favorite Disney villain:  Maleficent.  I think I just like that she turned into a dragon.  When you visit Paper Dolls by Cory’s Facebook page for this free download, you have to check our her other paper dolls.  They are incredible.

Maleficent Paper Doll by Cory

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

One of my favorite rides is my daughter’s most hated.  We started calling it the Tower of Terrific just to get her to ride it once.  After that we took a couple of turns sitting out with her so others could ride it again.  Yes, she hates it that much.  Maybe we need this iPod TV Dock from SHIFT! on Instructables so we can watch Twilight Zone instead of living it.

iPod TV Dock by SHIFT! on Instructables

The Haunted Mansion

We’ve been to Disneyland many times, but somehow we’ve always missed the Halloween holiday season.  This time we arrived on Tuesday and it started on Friday, which also happened to be my daughter’s birthday.  We managed to get through the Haunted Mansion with it’s special Halloween decorations only once, and the ride wasn’t even working right then.  I guess we’ll just have to plan another trip for the fall one of these days.  Darn.  In the meantime, we can get our scary fix with this Haunted Mansion 13 Hour Clock from DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Props.

Disneyland's Haunted Mansion 13 Hour Clock by DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Props

Radiator Springs Racers

Last time we were at Disneyland, Cars Land had opened less than a week before.  It was crazy.  My husband and I finally got to ride this by settling for the single rider line and happening by when it had just reopened after being down.  It was a little better this trip, but not by much.  It’s a popular ride, and for good reason.  Disney really did it right with this one.  Love him or not, Mater is a key component in bringing the world of Cars to life, and you can enjoy a bit of that at home with this Adirondack Chair from Jefferson Woodworks.

Tow Mater Child's Adorondak Chair by Jefferson Woodworks

Indiana Jones Adventure

Our son bought an Indiana Jones hat on our last Disney trip.  He brought it along again this time and wore it all week.  He even had people comment on it.  I think we’ve joked about him needing the whip to go with it, and now he can have it, thanks to Skip to my Lou’s Duct Tape Bullwhip tutorial.

Duct Tape Bullwhip by Skip to my Lou

Peter Pan’s Flight

This is another required ride whenever we visit the House of Mouse.  There’s just something special about flying in a pirate ship over London that makes you feel like a kid.  This Peter Pan’s Escaped Shadow Costume from Tikkdo is a stroke of genius, and it would keep trick-or-treaters from eating candy before they get home.

DIY Peter Pan's Shadow Costume by Tikkido

The Enchanted Tiki Room

The line for the pineapple treats outside this ride never let up while we were in the park.  The nearly 100 degree weather could have played a part in that, but I can tell you the pineapple float I enjoyed while watching the show inside the air-conditioned building never tasted better.  Now I can make them at home with this recipe from Finding Bonggamom.

Dole Pineapple Whip by Bonggamom

Stay tuned for the Disney craft I made the night before we left - coming soon!

Friday Favorites–Halloween Costumes

One of these years, I’m either going to host a Halloween party or find one to attend, just so I can wear a costume.  I’ve had an excuse to dress up exactly twice in all the years I’ve been married and I’m feeling way overdue.  I’m not sure what kind of costume it will be, but it will definitely involve a cape.  I mean seriously, how many excuses do you get in life to wear a cape?

Halloween Costumes

If you have any doubts about the awesomeness of a cape, check out this Little Red Riding Hood Tutu Costume from TrinitysTutus on Etsy.

TrinitysTutus on Etsy

I just watched my first-ever episode of Dr. Who a couple of weeks ago.  How have I been missing this?  I don’t even know where to begin to catch up, but I’ll be figuring it out.  I can’t believe I didn’t understand the importance of this Tardis Costume from Southern Fried Northern Chic.

Southern Fried Northern Chic

One of those two costumes I mentioned I’ve worn was a witch, but my cape wasn’t nearly as fancy as this No-Sew Halloween Spiderweb Cape from Delia Creates.

Delia Creates

This Giggly-Wiggly Octopus Costume shown on Costume Works is so cute, easy to make, and shouldn’t cost much.  Perfect!

Costume Works

I love a Halloween costume that can be used for something after the holiday is over.  These Princess Play Aprons from Gluesticks certainly fit the bill.


While we’re on the subject, check out these Princess Peasant Dresses from UCreate.  For extra fun, watch the video in the post.  I’ve watched it three times and can’t stop laughing.


This couples costume made to look like stick people from Team Ibrahim is funny, but that little stick baby just takes it up a notch.

Team Ibrahim

This great Airplane Costume from Oh Happy Day is actually much easier than it looks, but you’ve got to find the hat and goggles.

Oh Happy Day

There’s something I really love about the feathers on this Peacock Tutu from The Train to Crazy.

The Train to Crazy

Since we’ve already gone to the birds (wha-wha), I’ll show you this cute-but-easy Last Minute Kids Owl Costume from Alpha Mom.

Alpha Mom

When is the last time you dressed up for Halloween?

Friday Favorites–Halloween Costumes

Before I get into my favorites today, I wanted to share a bit of good Etsy news.  They’re now offering gift cards!  To celebrate, they’re giving a few away.  You can click here to enter and, in the interest of full disclosure, when you click through you get an entry and so do I.  Imagine what you could do with $100 on Etsy! Now, on to today’s topic – Halloween costumes.  I’ve only dressed up for Halloween a handful of times as an adult.  When I was working for the credit union we did a branch-wide Peter Pan theme one year.  We had a television in the lobby playing the movie, all of the loan officers were pirates, the member reps were Lost Boys, the head teller was Captain Hook and the rest of us filled in the remaining characters.  I was Princess Tiger Lily, and I also made Peter Pan and Tinkerbell’s costumes.  It was a competition between the different branches and I don’t remember if we won or not, only that it was a very fun day.  In my book, that means we nailed it.

Get ready for the “Aww.”  What’s cuter than a baby?  A Sock Monkey baby, like this one from Grosgrain.


What’s cuter than a Sock Monkey baby?  Well, nothing really, but what’s just as cute?  A Moose baby, wearing this adorable and easy costume from Dollar Store Crafts.


Personally, if I were going to dress up this year (which the office staff at my one-woman-work-at-home business has voted against.  She’s no fun) I’d go for this Gumball Machine from Inchmark.


My son’s favorite movie when he was small was Toy Story.  This Toy Army Guy costume from Wild Ink would have been a huge hit.


I don’t think it’s too late, though, for my teenager to try out this Abducted by Aliens costume from Coolest Homemade Costumes.  That alien would just have to be a foot or two taller.


Maybe you’re looking for an adorable costume you don’t have to make?  Check out this Spunky Skunk from TheLittlePeaBoutique on Etsy.


I always loved costumes that my kids could wear, at least in part, after Halloween.  Pajamas were a favorite.  I could see this Twirly Butterfly Skirt from The Train to Crazy getting a lot of post-Halloween use.


Sometimes you’re not looking for an entire costume, but just a little something different to spice up your Halloween.  This Bat Bow Tie from Wear the Canvas would be a fun accessory.


I don’t know what the answer to the “What are you supposed to be?” question would be when it comes to using these googly eyed shoes from Glitter ‘N Glue as your costume, but I don’t care.  I want them.


I love group costumes.  I wonder if I could still get my family to dress up as S’mores with me, like this at Family Fun?  I think I can picture my daughter as a candy bar, but I don’t know how we’re going to fit my son in that fire-wagon.


Homemade Halloween Costumes

As my daughter keeps reminding me, she is technically an adult now.  And her brother is only two years behind her.  I think my big costume-making days are over.  I still have to help them throw something together most years, but it’s more of a last minute thing than some of the lengthier projects I’ve pulled off in the past. 

It only seems right to start with the first costume I ever made.  I was 18 or 19 and the store I worked for was having a contest.  The best Halloween costume would win $50.  I decided I wanted to win, so I spent at least $50 on fabric and supplies to make myself into a belly dancer.  Oh, yeah…I won.


I honestly can’t remember how much of this little ballerina was actually my work and how much was store-bought, but I can tell you a LOT of my time went into the knight in shining armor next to her.


My daughter has intended to marry Batman since she was four, which hasn’t changed, so it was inevitable that one year she would have to be Batgirl.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that wasn’t how it worked.


I was pretty proud of how this Anakin Skywalker costume turned out.  The very next year he was a store-bought Darth Vader.


Bat-boy and a costume we referred to as “Dead 50’s Girl.”


One of my all-time favorites…Hermione and Harry Potter.


Store-bought or homemade, have a fun, safe and happy Halloween!

Friday Favorites–Halloween

Instead of always falling on October 31st, I think Halloween should always be on a Friday.  How much fun can you have on a Monday?  Even with candy!  In the spirit of the holiday, we’ll give it a try anyway.

I don’t know that this Cutout Skully Tee from Cut Out + Keep was intended for Halloween, but it’s perfect anyway.


If you’re in need of some great Halloween party food ideas, look no further than Our Best Bites.


I love this little Ghostie Garland from Ginger and George.  It reminds me a little of Pac-Man, but cuter.


I have a couple of plug-in plastic light-up pumpkins, but this Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Lamp Light from Ragdoll722 on Etsy is definitely a step up.


My son was REALLY into bats for a while when he was younger.  He would have loved these Bat Party Invitations from One Charming Party.


This Pumpkin Art from Eighteen25 manages to be modern and a little vintage at the same time.


I have so many giant spiders living on the outside of my house right now I don’t need to add any decorative ones, but if yours is spider-free try these Balloon Spiders from Martha Stewart.


This Halloween Spook Banner from Organize & Decorate Everything is so simple and clever!


Candy Corn Halloween Monster from Wonderstrange.  Just ‘cuz.


It’s usually getting cold around here by Halloween.  These Fleece Halloween Hats from Fleece Fun would be perfect right about now.  The pattern is available for download in Baby, Child and Adult sizes.


I’m off to try and find some early Halloween fun!

Friday Favorites–Halloween Costumes

My daughter told me a few days ago that she doesn’t remember having store-bought Halloween costumes.  I can show her several photos that prove otherwise, but I love the fact that the ones that were handmade are stuck in her head.  If you’re looking for a costume for your candy-fueled trick-or-treat machine, here are a few cute options I’ve found lately.

I can’t decide if this Pick of the Litter costume from Family Fun is cute or creepy, but doesn’t that make it perfect?


This Butterfly Baby Costume from I Love to Create looks complicated at first glance, but is really pretty simple.  Oh, and adorable.


Speaking of adorable, this Toddler Cheerleader Dress from Nap Time Crafters might come in handy at a few football games.

I love this little Football Onesie from Lines Across My Face, but maybe don’t take it to any football games.  Just to be on the safe side.


This Parrot Costume from Mom Endeavors is just gorgeous.


I’ve made some complicated costumes in the past, but I definitely prefer easy.  Fiskars offers instructions for several different costumes that fall into that category.  Handy for when your child says “Mom, I’m invited to a Halloween party.  Tomorrow!”


This Pregnant Skeleton costume from Make It and Love It is a stroke of genius.  Love the hair bow!


Sometimes you don’t want an entire costume.  Maybe you just want to show a little Halloween solidarity as you walk your kids around the neighborhood.  The next time I have a good excuse, I’m going with this Creepy Formerly Decapitated Necklace from Instructables user PixyMcCrafty.


I remember buying my son a muscle-bound Superman costume when he was little.  It never occurred to me to make one!  Thanks to Sew a Straight Line on Ucreate for these Homemade Muscle Suits.


Oh, Angry Birds.  Need I say more?  Be an Angry Bird yourself with Therapeutic Crafting.  Just don’t go around crashing into the people dressed as pigs.

IMG_0099 copy

Only a few days left to get those costumes finished!

Friday Favorites–Superheroes

My favorite superhero just got promoted at work and we’re having a party tomorrow to celebrate, so it seemed fitting that the theme for my favorites this week should be superheroes. 

We’re a family full of fans.  My daughter drives a little black car with a giant Batman symbol on the hood.  I have Wonder Woman stuff floating around everywhere.  My husband had an Ironman themed birthday party a couple of years ago.  We’re dedicated.

As soon as I find out where to get cookie cutters shaped like a bikini top and a onesie, I’ve got to try these Wonder Woman cookies from Bake at 350.


Batman is a pretty ingenious guy, so I’m betting he built his Bat-signal from a Papasan chair, just like Instructables user Orvis.


Speaking of Batman, check out this amazing Batman Birthday from Fryman Four.  Lots of great ideas, but my favorite is the simple way she made these tables remind you of Batman and Robin.

June 10 2011 014

I have mixed feelings about this Comic Book Banner from One Charming Party.  I love old comic books, and would hate to see them torn apart, but this banner is so fun I just have to believe the books were beyond saving.


This Superhero Snack Box from Alphamom would be a great gift for the guy who’s always saving the day.


My son would never have taken off this Rocket Man Jet Pack from Sewing in No Mans Land.  He probably would have tried to sleep in it.


I love how this Superhero Cap and Power Cuff from the Southern Institute is all made from a big t-shirt.


Maybe you have a superhero fan who feels they’re a little too old for the cape?  These Superhero Shoes from Minimoz are a little more subtle.


My daughter would LOVE this Kapow Headband from Etsy seller janinebasil.


If you’re a diehard fan and aren’t afraid to show the world, or at least your neighborhood, you need some Superhero Garden Gnomes from Instructables user The Papier Boy.


To the Bat Cave!