Craft Warehouse Design Team

You may have heard me mention Craft Warehouse once or a hundred times here.  They’re my favorite craft store for a number of reasons.  They’re locally owned, they always have the current craft trends as well as the classics and the store is always full of displayed projects for inspiration. 

Recently, I noticed a request for applications for the Craft Warehouse 2013- 2014 Design Team.  After looking at some of the past members I was afraid it was out of my league, but I’m such a fan I decided to go for it anyway.  Imagine how excited I was when I got the email saying I’d been selected!

I found out last weekend that I will be featured in January.  I’m thrilled about that because the chaos of the holidays will be over, but it’s still a few months before the height of the wedding stuff will have kicked in. 

I’ll receive a box in January that will be the basis for my craft.  I won’t know until about a month before what materials I’ll be working with, but it will be a sewing project.  I can’t wait!

Glass Block To-Do List

Since I already covered some things I like on my birthday this week, I thought I’d bring you a project instead of my usual Friday Favorites.  Hope you don’t mind. I was wandering around Craft Warehouse a couple of days ago.  They lured me in with the “Truckload Fabric Sale” sign out front.  They have things hanging around the store that their employees have made and there’s almost always an instruction sheet nearby.  I spotted two different projects I liked and decided to combine them into one…

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