Friday Favorites–Grad Cash

There are many things kids need (or want) when they’re finishing up high school and getting ready to head out into the world.  That opens up lots of possibilities for great graduation gifts.  But for those hard to shop for or saving up for something big, like a first car, cash is king.  Just because you’re giving cash doesn’t mean it has to be impersonal or boring though.

Graduation Cash Gifts - Crafty Staci's Friday Favorites

What’s better than a box of chocolates?  A chocolate box full of cash, like this one from Life as Mom.  I’d probably end up spending it on chocolate anyway.  And coffee.

Box of Chocolates by LIfe As a Mom

Pizza and teens go together like…well, like pizza and teens.  Give your college-bound student the gift of survival with this Money Pizza from kleone2u on Hubpages.

Money Pizza by kleone2u on HubPages

If you’re mailing a graduation gift, consider these money-filled balloons from She’s Crafty.  Tell them you’ll be expecting to see a Vine of the popping.

Cash Balloons by She's Crafty

If you give this Money Lei from Lil’ Luna to a kid at graduation, you better make sure he’s fast.

Money Leis by Lil Luna

This card holder serving as gift packaging, as shown on Start Up GF, does dual duty.  After the money is spent they can use it to hold the business cards related to all those job leads they’ll be accumulating.

Card Holder with Cash by Start Up GF

Who knew dollar bills could be so pretty?  Visit Kylyssa on Squidoo to learn how to make this Money Rose.

Money Rose by Kylyssa on Squidoo

This Cold Hard Cash idea from Lovezilla would require a little planning ahead.  Make sure you don’t store it near the Hot Pockets, so the graduate doesn’t accidentally find it.

Cold Hard Cash by Lovezilla

Spruce up his graduation day wardrobe with this Money Tie from Honey I’m Home (formerly known as Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust – just to explain the watermark).

Money Tie by Honey I'm Home

So many “Bread” and “Dough” jokes to be made here, I can’t even pick one.  Just check out this cash gift idea from Style Baggage.

Loaf of Dough by Style Baggage

I think this umbrella raining cash from The Seasonal Home would be such a fun gift.  Imagine handing this over closed and the recipient opening it to find all that money!

Raining Money by The Seasonal Home

Next Thursday I’ll be in the stands, probably holding a Kleenex or two, watching my son receive his high school diploma!

Friday Favorites–Graduation

The year I graduated from kindergarten, one of my older cousins was also graduating from high school.  There was a big party at my aunt’s house.  Someone involved decided that rather than just celebrating the graduation from high school, everyone would party it up over my kindergarten accomplishment as well.  There were gifts, some of them things that made me feel quite grown up, food and tons of family.  As a six-year-old, it was overwhelming and kind of awesome.  From that moment on, I couldn’t wait to graduate from high school so I could repeat it.  Hey, everybody has to have some motivation to get through it, right?

Graduation DIYs - Crafty Staci's Friday Favorites

Graduation DIYs - Crafty Staci's Friday Favorites

I love this Letters to my Future Self from Uncommon Goods.  How great would it be to find a reminder, years later, of exactly what you were thinking when you graduated?

Letters to my Future Self - Uncommon Goods

Letters to my Future Self - Uncommon Goods

Knowing how to make a tassel allows you to turn just about anything into a graduation-themed gift.  This DIY Tassel Necklace from Style Inked teaches you just that, and would make a great gift all by itself.

DIY Tassel Necklace - Style Inked

DIY Tassel Necklace - Style Inked

This laundry basket full of inspiration from Create It Go would be great to share with a college-bound graduate.  Each item is labeled with the significance to the graduate’s next step in life.

Graduation Gift to Inspire - Create It Go

Graduation Gift to Inspire - Create It Go

I’m pretty sure security would toss me right out of the coliseum if I try to throw anything when my son graduates, but these Graduation Confetti Throwers from Evite would be perfect for a home party.

Graduation Confetti Throwers - Evite

Graduation Confetti Throwers - Evite

This Giant Diploma Graduation Gift from Oh Happy Day is filled with lucky charms, but you could use it to wrap all kinds of gifts.

Giant Diploma Graduation Gift - Oh Happy Day

Giant Diploma Graduation Gift - Oh Happy Day

Right at Home has a bunch of graduation party ideas, but I particularly like these frozen grad year number skewers.

Graduation Year Fruit Skewers - Right At Home

Graduation Year Fruit Skewers - Right At Home

If you’re looking for a quick and easy dessert to serve your graduate, Taste of Home has you covered with these Brownie Graduation Caps.

Brownie Graduation Caps - Taste of Home

Brownie Graduation Caps - Taste of Home

This photo display from Kodak is so simple, but what a great idea to use as decoration at a graduation party!

Clothespin School Days - Kodak

Clothespin School Days - Kodak

I think the tassel in their school colors is the perfect extra touch on this Graduation Cap Pop-Up Card from Extreme Cards and Papercrafting.

Graduation Cap Pop Up Card - Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

Graduation Cap Pop Up Card - Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

After graduation, there is still the tassel.  This simple Graduation Tassel Ornament from Sew Many Ways is a fun way to display it for years to come.

Graduation Tassel Ornament - Sew Many Ways

Graduation Tassel Ornament - Sew Many Ways

Join me next Friday for lots of fun ways to give the gift of cash!

Graduation Cap Cash Box

My husband and I have 24 nieces and nephews, with a large portion of them clustered in the middle school-high school-college range right now.  Needless to say, there’s always someone graduating.  This year, it’s one of our nephews who lives with us.  Like his cousins before him, he’s getting money, the universal “Welcome to the adult world” gift...

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Friday Favorites–Graduation

My little girl, the blonde, screaming bundle I feel like I just brought home from the hospital, is graduating from high school in a couple of weeks.  As we expected, it’s been a bit of an emotional roller coaster lately.  Leaving behind childhood and heading into the adult world is big and scary.  I’ve been looking around for a few ideas to try and make that transition fun and maybe not so terrifying.

I love the haphazard-but-not style of this Graduation Board from Creations from my Heart.


Cash is a very common, and usually welcome, gift for graduates.  This Graduation Lei from Your Homebased Parties probably had this kid running from his cash-plucking friends, but I’ll bet he didn’t mind.


This Photo Monogram Letter from Sometimes Creative would be a sweet way to share photos of a child’s school years for graduation and would make a nice dorm room decoration later.


What teenager doesn’t love candy?  Give them this Candy Pail from Fun Mom on the Go, then hide until the sugar rush is over.


These Smarties Diploma Graduation Favors from Dollar Store Crafts are just simple and cute.  Sometimes that’s all you need.


If you’ve had a kid in high school, you know every activity they get involved in comes with a t-shirt.  What better way to wrap up their school career than with this T-Shirt Quilt from CraftStylish?


Back to the cash, this Grad Money Holder from Splendiferous Creations is fairly simple, but looks impressive.


This Graduation Cap Money Holder Box from Extreme Cards and Papercrafting would be fun to give.


I love reusing those little Altoids tins, so this Graduation Gift Card Holder from Plaid caught my eye.


These Candy Cup Caps from Bakerella are on my list of possible graduation day food.


I also have a few graduation gift ideas right here:  Graduation Cap Gift Check Holder, Fabric Fortune Teller and Fabric Fortune Cookies.  I’ll be sharing a new graduation gift idea with you next week.

Do you have a graduate this year?  Have you gone through as many boxes of Kleenex as I have so far?

Friday Favorites–Gifts for Guys

June.  Father’s Day, graduations and anniversaries of all those weddings from previous Junes provide the perfect opportunity to show that guy you care with a homemade gift.  I know, some of them are nearly impossible to shop for, much less make crafts for.  But I’ve come across a few things that might make your life a little easier.

I’d love to see the tools that would fit in these super-tiny Altoid Tin Mini Toolboxes from AlphaMom.


Some rope, two wooden rods, some duct tape and the appropriate tools and you can make him a Duct Tape Hammock like this one from sitzikbs on Instructables.


Stormdrane and his paracord creations are always a favorite around my house.  This Snake Belly Bar Bracelet is next on our list to try.


My brother-in-law likes to play chess with his boys and one of these days I’m making him this Hardware Chess Set from Dollar Store Crafts.


Chess isn’t his thing?  How about a Custom Tile Checkerboard like this one from Aly & Ash?


This Popsicle Picture Puzzle from Impress Your Kids would be a fun project to make with the little ones.


Before you decide he’s not a bouquet kind of guy, check out this Beef Bouquet from Moms of All Trades.


Sometimes, no matter how many great ideas come your way, a gift card is just the right thing to give.  That doesn’t mean you can’t craft it up.  Try a Shirt Pocket Card from Holiday Crafts and Creations.


So, you’ve completely given up on making something?   It’s ok, this Magic Wand Programmable TV Remote from ThinkGeek is just awesome enough to make up for it.


Before you give up the crafty idea completely, you have to see my favorite Favorite this week.  TSJ Photography made this fantastic sign using her kids to make the letters.  I seriously should have had more than two kids.