Friday Favorites–Gifts for Guys

I’ve been writing Friday Favorites for years now, and some of my most popular collections are the Gifts for Guys.  Take a spin in the Way Back machine to see the 2011, 2012 and 2013 versions.  See, guys aren’t that tough to make stuff for!

Gifts to Make for Guys - Crafty Staci's Friday Favorites

Make a hanging rack from hammers for your guy, like this one from The Family Handyman.  Just make sure you don’t use the good tools – maybe old hammers with broken handles.

Hammer Hanger from Family Handyman

There are all kinds of fun games to be played with these Wood Dice from The 36th Avenue.

Wood Dice from The 36th Avenue

I can only imagine how fantastic this Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream from Food for my Family smells.

Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream from Food for my Family

Add to that these Burly Man Shaving Towels from Sew Mama Sew for a fun shaving set.

Burly Man Shaving Towels from Sew Mama Sew

My favorite thing about this Dad’s T-shirt from She Knows is that little established year.  It’s a cute touch.

Daddy T-Shirt from She Knows

It would be nice to have a couple of these Rough-Cut Lumber Beer Flight Sets from ManMade around for beer tasting with friends.

Custom Rough Cut Lumber Beer Flight Set from Man Made DIY

If you want to expand that beer theme, try this Beer Soap from Suzy Homefaker.

Beer Soap from Suzy Homefaker

No matter how hard we try, we always seem to have several remote controls around.  Keep yours confined to one place with this Remote Control Pillow from Make it Handmade.

Remote Control Pillow from Make It Handmade

Bags don’t get much more manly than this Canvas Bucket Tote from Sew 4 Home.  Unless you rub some dirt on it.

Canvas Bucket Tote from Sew 4 Home

Cashew are delicious, and bacon is bacon, so what guy wouldn’t love this Cashew Bacon Brittle from Taste and Tell?

Cashew Bacon Brittle from Taste and Tell

Friday Favorites–Leather

Nineteen years ago today, I was in the hospital, ready to bring my little boy into the world.  He wasn’t due for another few days, but my doctor was concerned about his size and wanted to induce me.  When he made his appearance, all 9 pounds and 4 ounces of him, I was thankful I listened to that advice.  He’s no chubby baby anymore, but about six feet tall and all muscle.  He’s also finding some domestic interests, like cooking and leather working, which means there’s a very good chance he’ll be able to survive on his own one of these days.

Leather - Crafty Staci's Friday Favorites

I’ll start off with the project that most reminded me of my son.  He rescued an ax that was about to be thrown away a few years ago and refurbished it back to usable condition.  I could see him taking it one step further and making it this Leather Mask from Survival Sherpa.

Tucker and I just started watching a new show together last night called Forever.  I won’t go into the whole story, but it centers around an immortal medical examiner.  In a recent episode, he pulled out his autopsy tools, which were in a leather roll and included a bowie knife.  I’m pretty sure that was the point my son decided he was hooked.  Now he can make one for himself, thanks to this Leather Tool Roll tutorial from Caila Made.

Ever since he started working with leather, wallets seem to be his thing.  He’s got two in the works right now, with another one to follow.  Maybe when he’s done with those, I’ll start hinting by showing him this wallet pattern from The Art of Manliness.

Leather Wallet by The Art of Manliness

Our house has a half-basement, with a bedroom at the back that used to be my sewing studio.  My son traded with me a few years ago (yay!) and proceeded to pretty much take over the whole basement.  We literally have a man cave.  Maybe I could get him to organize it a little with this Sling Magazine Rack from Design Sponge.

Sling Magazine Rack by Design Sponge

While we’re getting him to clean up, let’s throw in these Folded Leather Baskets from Between the Lines.

Folded Leather Basket by Between the Lines

This Woven Belt Seat from Saved by Love Creations is definitely a project I could see Tucker doing.  And it would coordinate with all of his other leather items he’ll be making!

Woven Belt Seat by Saved by Love Creations

Nieces and nephews are probably a few years away, but when the time comes these DIY Moccasins for Children from A Beautiful Mess will be on his radar.

DIY Moccasins for Children by A Beautiful Mess

I wonder if I could get him to squeeze in a bracelet for me from some of his scraps?  Any one of these Three DIY Leather Bracelets from Lia Griffith would be okay with me.

Three DIY Leather Bracelets by Lia Griffith

While we’re at it, I probably need a matching necklace.  How about this Dragon Tail Necklace from Michele Made Me?  You know, just so he can improve his skills. 

Dragon Tail Necklace by Michele Made Me

I’ll save these beautiful Leather Flowers from Funny Squirrel for somewhere down the road when he’s looking to challenge himself a bit.  And make Mom very happy.

Leather Flowers by Funny Squirrel

Happy birthday to my boy, starting his last year of being a teenager!

Friday Favorites–DIY Gifts for Guys

Ahh, shopping for men.  If the ones on  your list are anything like mine, it’s a bit challenging to come up with good ideas.  It isn’t that they don’t want anything, but a giant toolbox and a Camaro aren’t in my budget.  And believe me, if I could make that Camaro happen I would.  With a little thought and creativity though, you can give your guys something special and from the heart.  Just not a car.

Friday Favorites - 10 DIY Gifts for Guys - Crafty Staci

Guys don’t like to admit it, but sometimes they need to carry stuff too.  Give him something he might be willing to throw all those things he can’t quite hold in his man-hands into, like this Manly-Man Tote Bag from The Seasoned Homemaker.

Manly Man Tote Bag from Seasoned Homemaker

Technically this idea is meant for little guys, but I know a few who are full-grown and would still proudly wear this Fleece Knight Helmet Hat from Wine and Glue.

Fleece Knight Helmet Hat from Wine and Glue

Does your guy carry a pocketful of keys?  Help him get those organized with this Magnetized Pocket Folding Key Organizer from m_jorge on Instructables.

Magnetized Folding Key Organizer on Instructables

This one isn’t completely DIY, but I think a hand painted or embellished mug would go nicely with these Pallet Drink Coasters from HowellsProducts on Etsy.

Pallet Coasters from HowellsProducts on Etsy

Maybe you have one of those guys who is anxious to have a mounted deer head on his wall.  Until your hunter reaches his goal, give him one of these Fabric Deer Heads from Charming Doodle to hold the space.  Make the red nose removable, and he can do double-duty as a Christmas decoration.

Fabric Deer Head from Charming Doodle

Granted, you’d probably have to make it in more manly fabrics to get him to use it, but what guy doesn’t need a Doorknob Reminder Caddy, like this one from Sew4Home?

Doorknob Caddy from Sew4Home

If you’re a little handy with some simple power tools, you could easily make this DIY Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener from Décor and the Dog.

DIY Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener from Decor and the Dog

For the really ambitious, try this Homemade Skee Ball Game from seamster on Instructables.  Better yet, gather the supplies and give it to him as a make-your-own kit.

Homemade Skee Ball Game on Instructables

Again, some camouflage or brown fabric might be needed here, but once you find that, this Double Bike Saddle Bag from Sovanisa would be a great gift for your biker.

Double Bike Saddle Bag from Sovanisa

Guys.  Bacon.  Candied Bacon with Pecans from Food Stories.

Candied Bacon with Pecans from Food Stories

Less than three weeks until Christmas!

Friday Favorites–Father’s Day, Part 2

I don’t know why we’re surprised every year when school gets out and the next weekend is Father’s Day.  It’s been that way for years, yet we always seem to be scrambling.  I made my husband a great gift yesterday, but it’s too close to the big day to write about it this year, so I’m saving it for 2014.  If you’d like a preview, check it out on Instagram.

It might be too late for me to write up a new tutorial, but there’s still a little time for you to whip up something great for Dad.  This Etched Glass Baseball Vase from Madigan Made would actually be pretty quick and great for the desk of a baseball fan.


These Letter Blocks for Dad from Stories by Me would also make a fun addition to Dad’s workspace.

Dad Letter Blocks

This Father’s Day Photo Collage from Positively Splendid is cute, and dads always love photos of the kiddos.  Bonus points for getting them to sit still, smile and hold their sign.

fathers' day photo collage 3-1

Is Dad a tie guy?  If so, maybe he has one that he doesn’t wear anymore that you could use to make this Men’s Necktie Eyeglass Case from A Law Student’s Journey.


If you’re planning to buy him a new tie to replace the one you just repurposed, why not add one of these Shrinky Dink Tie Tacks?  Mini kid photos he can wear!


If the dad you’re gifting happens to have the right degree of quirkiness, try this Wooden Bow Tie from Preston Made.


It’s not too late to order this docking station from Etsy seller NorthCoastSign for Father’s Day.  Just give him a photo showing what’s on its way.


The only way these Root Beer Float Brownies from Cookies and Cups would be better for Father’s Day is if you used Dad’s brand root beer.  Ok, they’d be good either way.


Happy Father’s Day to all the papas out there!

Friday Favorites–Gifts for Guys

If you’ve ever had to buy a gift for a guy, and you don’t happen to BE a guy, you know it can be challenging.  The ones I have to shop for are downright difficult.  I think part of the reason is their hunter mentality.  If they need or want something, they go get it.  They don’t wait and hint around about it at Christmas time.  I think the trick is to find things they didn’t even know they wanted.

What guy couldn’t use a Car Kit like this one from Not Martha?  My favorite is the car and passenger silhouette on the left.


Is your guy a golfer?  Check out this Golfer’s Survival Kit from Mel Designs.  Bonus – you have to finish off four coffee drinks so you’ll have empty bottles.


Anyone can make a duct tape wallet, but how about a Duct Tape Tool Tote from Instructables user fallental?  The other option is to give him a roll of tape and the instructions and call it a kit.


Stormdrane never lets me down with his amazing paracord skills, and this Survival Tin/Playing Card EDC Paracord Pouch is no exception.


My son is becoming a bit of a knife collector, so this Wooden Folding Knife from Instructables user gg1220 would be a great gift, although he’d probably do a better job making it than I would.


I love Legos.  In fact a couple of years ago, I replaced my entire Christmas village with Legos.  I know a couple of guys who play chess who might enjoy this DIY Lego Chess Game Board and Pieces from 100 Directions.


There’s something a little masculine about this Autumn Brittle from Adventures in Cooking.  That’s not to say I would mine trying it myself…


My husband would probably tell you this Foot Warmer from Craft.Sew.Design would be more for me than for him, but if your guy happens to have icicle feet like mine, he’ll appreciate this gift.


If your guy is into bicycling, like so many are around here, he might enjoy a Bicycle Tire Belt from Etsy seller julienjaborskak.


Is your man mustachioed?  Buy him some Moustache Wax from MansFaceStuff on Etsy.


I’ll be spending tomorrow at Crafty Wonderland, a Portland art and craft sale, where I’ll be able to check out those last two in person!