Friday Favorites–Valentine’s Day, Part 2

I’m going to start this out by letting you know I’m typing with one hand.  No, I’m not trying out a new circus act, I’m nursing a shoulder issue.  My right arm is in a sling and I’m right-handed.  Any spelling errors from here out are staying, because if I have to hit that backspace button one more time, I might scream.  Ok, enough of my whining, on to the fun stuff! I’ve been saving this post from Rad Megan in Words and Pictures showing how to make Danish Heart Baskets since before Christmas.  I love the red and grey one.  Who am I kidding?  They’re felt – I love them all.


I’ve never tried making hammered wire jewelry, but StudioDax’s tutorial to make this Heart Necklace makes it sound easy enough I might give it a try.


This Romantic Heart Wool Valentine from Better Homes and Gardens reminds me a little of the ribbon embroidery pieces my mom and sister have done in the past.


We’ve never counted down to Valentine’s Day around here, but this Valentine Countdown from This Little Project makes me want to.  I’d put a Lindt truffle ball in every one of those boxes.  And hide the whole thing from my family.


These See-Through Valentines from Random Thoughts of a Supermom seem perfect for boys.  They like to break stuff and they get to tear these open to get to the candy.  Never mind, my girl likes to break stuff too.  Hearts for everyone!


If you’re easily offended, stop here.  Who are you kidding, you know you’re going to have to look now!  I think these Lingerie Sugar Cookies from How Does She are adorable.  Somebody looked at a heart and saw underwear – gotta love that.


Starting with next week’s Friday Favorites, I’ll be celebrating the one year anniversary of Crafty Staci with some fun stuff…stay tuned to find out what!

Paper and Wire Hearts

I’m supposed to be cleaning up my sewing room.  Everything needs to be taken off the old shelves and put onto the new.  Instead, I’m making stuff.  It’s sort of like when your kid finds a toy at the bottom of the box he hasn’t seen for a while.  That’s all he wants to play with for a couple of days.  I’m there...

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