Printable 2017 Planner

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using the links. I feel like I embrace modern technology whenever I can.  I couldn't wait to get a smart phone back when they were called PDAs and didn't have access to the internet.  Between my husband and I we have a desktop computer, two laptops, two tablets and two smart phones, which doesn't even include his work phone and computer.  With all those electronics, I have access to my digital calendar everywhere I turn.  Still, I keep coming back to paper and pen. I have one paper calendar and one Lego calendar on my desk and a paper calendar hanging in my sewing room.  If I had to give one up, it probably would be the one that needs electricity.

It might go without saying, but I also have a planner.  I did give it up for a few years, but there's something so satisfying when you can write down a task and cross it off in INK.  Marking an electronic box doesn't provide me with the same rush.  This year, I decided I wanted one where each week was a full 8 1/2 by 11" page.  After some searching, I decided to make my own.  I know I'm a few days late for the start of the year, but I forgot to write "Share printable planner on the blog" in my new planner.  Irony at its finest.

As I said, each page is 8 1/2 by 11".  I sprung for some heavier 32 lb. paper so it wouldn't bleed through when I printed them or when I write in it.  I also hunted down some colorful month dividers.  I contained the whole thing in a 1" black view binder. I bought all three on Amazon, and the links will take you to each.

I printed these two sided, which I'd recommend unless you want a blank sheet on the back of each.  I followed the way my planner was laid out last year and completed each week, regardless if a new month fell into it.  That will make sense after you look at the pages.

Planner page inside
Planner page inside

At the front, I have yearly calendar pages for 2016 through 2019.  I like to be able to look at the years easily.  You know, just in case.

Yearly pages
Yearly pages

At the beginning of each month is a monthly calendar.  It might seem like overkill, but being able to see the entire month at a glance, separate from the rest of the year, can be handy.

Month page
Month page

I also added a page for menu planning and a shopping list.

Planner with menu page and shopping list
Planner with menu page and shopping list

There are two pages, so if you print it two-sided you can remove the shopping lists and keep the menu in your planner.

shopping list removed
shopping list removed

If you happen to have one of the tools shown in the photo below, originally for transferring marking to fabric, it works great to roll in down the middle of the two sides to perforate the paper.

Tool for perforating
Tool for perforating
perforated page
perforated page

Now for the downloads!  I kept each month separate to make it a little easier and not such a huge file.  The month pages are all together, as are the years.  The yearly file also includes the 2017 I used for the front.  Good luck and here's to a year of organization and marked checkboxes!

Yearly Calendars

Monthly Calendars













Menu and Shopping List

DIY Cookbooks

I have a dilemma, and I’m going to be up against it for the next five months.  I’ve got lots of things to make for my daughter’s wedding in July, but I’ve been forbidden by the bride from writing about any of it here until the wedding is over.  I’ve made a few cute things lately, but this radio silence is keeping me from showing them to you yet.  I can tell you, come August you’ll probably get sick of hearing about wedding stuff.

I was working on something today that lead into a non-wedding project, so THAT I can share.  This is my cookbook shelf my husband built into the end of the island when he remodeled our kitchen.

See that empty space on the top shelf?  It was completely full of recipes I’d printed, cut from magazines, etc.  This is just a sampling.

I also had a giant binder I’d stuffed recipes into the last time I decided to tackle that pile, and it was so big it was falling apart and was almost impossible to pick up any more.  I decided it made more sense to sort the recipes into categories and have a book for each one.  If you remember my Fiesta dishes, you know I’m not afraid of rainbow colors in my kitchen.

After much hole punching, I slipped the recipes into their appropriate binders.  My goal was to have a little room to add to them, but I’m a little worried about the dessert book.  That would be the already-stuffed yellow one on the end.

The binders I used have the clear plastic so you can print a label and slide in down the spine, but as I said, this was an off-shoot of a project I was already working on, and that involved my vinyl cutting machine.  I had a little trouble getting the vinyl to stick to the binder, so I hope these survive. (edit June 2017: Over 3 years later and the vinyl hasn't lifted at all. I guess they stuck better than I thought!)

I love how these look, all labeled and colorful and organized.

Thanks for joining me for that little break.  Now, back to wedding crafting!

Friday Favorites–Craft Room Ideas

I had a plan.  After the first of January I was going to work on cleaning out some old supplies from my craft room, make some new items to restock my Etsy shop and get some fresh tutorials up and running for you.  Have you heard the phrase “Man plans, God laughs”?  I gave Him a good chuckle this week.  Thanks to an unexpected (but welcome) post-holiday rush on my Etsy shop, I’ve had my nose to the grindstone all week.  Did everybody get a camera for Christmas or something?

Anyway, back to my craft room.  We did a big reorganization three years ago, but in that time I’ve managed to accumulate more stuff and it feels overcrowded again.  Oh yeah, and a big section of it is full of wedding stuff right now.  Needless to say, I’ve been drooling over craft room eye candy lately, so it only seems fair to share.

Friday Favorites - Craft Room Ideas - Crafty Staci

Not only would I like to purge and straighten up my creative space, but it could use a bit more décor.  I love these Giant Buttons from No Biggie, made from Styrofoam so you could hang them just about anywhere.

DIY Giant Buttons by No Biggie

I’ve also had my eye on this Dress Up Wall Canvas from Positively Splendid for a while now.  Wouldn’t it be fun to make these like paper dolls where you could change out the dresses?  I’d never get anything else done.

I really love how the color theme was carried through on this sewing-themed specimen art from Living with Punks.

Sewing Specimen Art by Living with Punks

How about this Large Wall Scissor Art from Morena’s Corner?  If I ever find scissors like this at the dollar store, this is happening.

Scissor Wall Art from Dollar Tree by Morenas Corner

Storage is always an issue in a craft room, but fortunately there are lots of great ideas out there to make it not only functional, but pretty.  This Gathered Round Basket from A Spoonful of Sugar would be a great way to use up smaller pieces of fabric.

Gathered Round Basket by A Spoonful of Sugar Designs

I use mason jars for storage, but they just aren’t the same without this lovely metal rack, as shown on Traveling at the Speed of Life.  Check out her other ideas too.

Mason Jar Button Storage by Traveling at the Speed of Life

I have fabric cutting rulers in about three different places, which means I really need this Yard Stick Organizing Rack from Sew Many Ways.

Quilt Ruler Rack by Sew Many Ways

Patty from Patty’s Stamping Spot needed a countertop raised, so she took advantage of the opportunity and added some storage in the new space.  Brilliant!

Raised Countertop by Patty Stamps

I just did battle with my paint this week (more on that next week) and found my current throw-them-in-a-box method of organization a little frustrating.  Check out the DIY Hanging Paint Storage from Mad in Crafts.  Functional and decorative.

DIY Hanging Paint Storage by Mad in Crafts

I don’t have a chair in my craft room, but only because my sewing machine is in my office and the chair stays with it, along with two others.  I’m saving this chair makeover from Finding Sunday for the inevitable day when I’ll need it.

Chair Makeover by Finding Sunday

Friday Favorites–2013 Resolutions

A new year is upon us, and for some that means a valiant attempt at bettering ourselves. Personally, it usually means I commit to healthier eating, which probably shouldn’t even count since we’re just pulling out of the sugary, snack-fueled holidays.  I’d have to be trying pretty hard to eat worse than I do in December.  Still, there’s a little sense of accomplishment there, earned or not.

If you’re among the brave who’ve decided it’s time to (fill in your own resolution here), here’s a few helpful projects.

Get more exercise.

If your wallet is wiped out from all the holiday shopping you probably aren’t ready to fork out money for a gym membership or new equipment.  The Art of Manliness has you covered with their DIY Gym.


Get organized.

There are so many forms this could take, but one thing I’d like to better organize is my gift wrap supplies.  I Heart Organizing shares a door-mounted wrapping paper station.  You might guess from the blog name that if you’re looking to get your stuff in order you might want to spend a little extra time at this site.


Read more books.

If the thing that holds you back on this one is a lack of new material, this Book Swap Party from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line is for you.  This party is geared toward kids, but it would be easy to adult it up.


Volunteer in your community.

You have the time and skills but don’t know where to share them?  VolunteerMatch is a website we recommend to the students at the high school that matches the applicant with available volunteer opportunities based on his or her zip code and area of interest.  It found 629 hits within 20 miles of where I live, and I’m at least 5 miles from the nearest medium-sized city.


Save money.

With the uncertainty of our economy, we’re probably all interested in this one.  There are so many things you can make for yourself using recycled materials to save some cash.  I’ve had my eye on these Padded Envelopes Using Reclaimed Materials from SwirlyThoughts for a while now.

tut 11

Spend more time with family.

In our busy world, sometimes this requires some effort.  What better way to hang with the kids for an afternoon than to create something fun together?  The Journals of Giddy Giddy shows us how to make DIY Homemade Kites.


Do more traveling.

This is always on my list, resolution or not.  I just got to visit the east coast for the first time ever last month and left the continental United States, also a first.  Since my goal is to eventually visit all 50 states, I’d love to make a pin-filled map like this one from Sadie Priss.



Maybe it’s time for some new to look at in your home.  This Test Pattern TV Cover from Apartment Therapy counts as a little redecoration and would probably help with the “watch less television” resolution as well.


Learn something new.

I love websites like How Stuff Works, Mental Floss or even Cool Facts, Bro.  You can learn a little something you didn’t know before without a big time commitment.  That’s only if you don’t get caught up in searching the site and realize you’ve lost a couple of hours of your life.  You’ve been warned.


Eat healthier food.

There it is.  I always come into January feeling vegetable-deficient.  Turns out, neighbors don’t give you boxes of fresh-baked cauliflower and asparagus doesn’t hang on the tree very well.  I’m ready to try these Roasted Cabbage Wedges from Martha Stewart.


What are your resolutions for the new year?

Friday Favorites–Dorm Living I

We’re into the final stretch.  My daughter has everything she thinks she’s going to need, and we’ll be moving her into her new dorm room on September 16th.  It’s both exciting and scary.  Oh, yeah, for her too.

Fortunately, we received some advice about those “what to bring” lists you see everywhere.  You don’t need everything on them.  In fact, if you were to bring all of it, you’d need a U-Haul and an extra room just for storage.  I did find a few things she might be willing to part with some space for.

This Multi Tasking Desktop Organizer from Lovely Undergrad would require a little work at home, but would be a cute and practical addition to the back of a table or desk.


If you’re aiming for something a bit smaller, try this Desk Magazine Holder from eHow.


A first aid kit is a must, but the ones you can buy are heavy on the bandages and light on everything else.  Why not make your own?  Check out this Dorm-Friendly First Aid Kit from Kill Jill Goes to College.


Storage is always an issue in those tiny rooms, and so is seating.  This bench from Grade 2 Happenings would help with both problems.


Maybe four is a bit too large?  Try this single crate stool from Fantastic in First.

seat crate

I’m sure my daughter will never bring home a bag of laundry.  She will make timely and frequent use of the lovely laundry facilities located mere steps from her door.  Yeah.  On the remote chance she’ll haul it home, she might need something to carry it in, this DIY Dorm Laundry Bag would be handy.


Since young women and flip flops go together like winter and super-cold toes, I could see where this clever method of storing them from EPBOT would be helpful at school.


I doubt most dorms have end tables by the bed, but what kid that age lets their electronics out of their sight?  Solution:  Bed Caddy from Sew4Home.


This photo from spoindexter on Rate My Space is a bit blurry, but I wanted to share it anyway because there’s one element to the way they arranged the room that I think is brilliant.  See how the armoire is at the end of the bed and facing the wall?  Open the door and you have a small, semi-private changing area! 


Let’s face it…college requires a LOT of sitting around doing homework.  Since my daughter isn’t a sit at a desk kind of girl, I could see her using this DIY Lap Desk from Gilbert Street Stitches.


Join me again next Friday for Dorm Living II!

Fabric Inventory System

I spent a day last weekend gathering, organizing and calculating in preparation for our meeting with our tax accountant this week.  I love being self employed, but when the new year comes and I realize I have to make sense of the file I threw everything into all year, I start to wonder if I don’t need a better boss…

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Friday Favorites–Calendars

Ok, I know we’re almost a week into the new year already.  But I’m usually just now realizing I didn’t buy a calendar and I’m scrambling to find one that doesn’t have cats or cars on it.  The upside is, I don’t have to pay much for them.  That’s unless I cave in and use the one from the florist or the tire shop.  Free, but uninspiring.

Despite my inability to read the calendar and know I need to replace it, I have several in my house.  This Perpetual Button Calendar from Craft would be perfect for the sewing room.  I could see this made with magnets and an upcycled baking sheet.


This Printable Perpetual Calendar from S.C. Johnson is so simple.  It would be great in a little corner where you didn’t need a full-on calendar, like the laundry room.  I don’t know why you’d need to know what day it is in the laundry room, but just go with it.


I love how colorful and lively this Perpetual Calendar from Sandy’s Space is.

Calender Feb

I love the idea of perpetual calendars, which is probably obvious by now, but the problem is you can’t usually write on them.  This Vinyl Wall Calendar from Etsy seller SimpleShapes solves that issue nicely.


This printable Words to Live By Calendar from Home Made Simple is pretty, but what I really like is all the different ways they show to display it.  They also give you to option to download the pages as desktop backgrounds for your computer.


This Perpetual Family Calendar from Lowes would be a fun project to make with older kids.

Lowes Calendar

I’ve downloaded lots of fun backgrounds and screensavers from American Greetings over the years.  They happen to have a large collection of calendar desktop backgrounds, with several for each month.


You don’t often see a weekly perpetual calendar, but I love this Weekly Calendar from Next to Heaven.


This Vintage Postcard Calendar Journal from Design Sponge is amazing, and I wish I would have started something like this years ago.


I did buy a calendar for the dining room before Christmas.  It has nice, big squares for writing on.  The thing is, the front was shown in turquoise, and I assumed each month would be a different color.  Nope.  Every month is the same.  B-O-R-I-N-G!  What I need to brighten it up are these Cute Calendar Reminder Stickers from Etsy seller JoeyDesign.  I might just make up some appointments, just so I can put stickers all over it.


I hope your 2012 is off to a good start!

Friday Favorites–For the Car

My baby boy is taking his driving test today for his license.  Yesterday, he was driving his plastic wagon, now he’s asking me for my keys.  Time really does fly.  The boy, on the other hand, better not.

In honor of my son’s achievement (hopefully…as of this writing he hasn’t taken the test yet) I decided to share some of my favorite car-related links.

This iPad Holder from My Patchwork would come in handy if you’re on a road trip with little ones.  Or big ones, for that matter.


Sometimes it’s handy to have some extra plastic bags in the car, and these Embellished Grocery Bag Containers from Tatertots and Jello are so much prettier than leaving them floating around in the back.


When my kids were little, they used to stuff all kinds of things in the crevices of my car.  One of their favorite spots was that little hole in the armrest on the door.  Car Seat Organizer from 8th Day = problem solved.


Maybe the kids aren’t the problem?  It’s ok – we’re all friends here.  The Car Craft Caddy from Craft will hold all those things you just can’t stop working on when you leave home.  Just make sure you’re the passenger and not the driver.


This Handmade Air Freshener from Design Sponge is so autumnish.  I think my car needs one.


If you’re trying to appeal to the younger crowd, you could go with this Lightening McQueen Car Air Freshener from Disney Family.


You get pulled over and you’re nervously scrambling for your registration and proof of insurance in the depths of your glove box.  And, that’s after you’ve had to dig through your cavernous purse for your license.  Solve one of those problems with this Glove Box Organizer from Coats and Clark.  Or, just drive slower.

If you’re irritated by the seatbelt rubbing your neck, this Seatbelt Sleeve from AfricanKelli will make it more comfortable and prettier at the same time.


I don’t usually carry CDs in my car, but I love this CD Holder from Georgia Leigh so much, I might have to start.  Look at all those fabrics!


Putting trash in this Garbage Bag from Sew Divertimento is like asking a girl in a prom dress to scrub the bathroom floor.  Great idea, but needs much uglier fabric.

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Cross your fingers that Tucker passes his driver’s test and that the added cost of insurance doesn’t cause us to have to sell the car out from underneath him!

My Sewing Room–Before and After

The area you use for arts and crafts should be inspiring in some way.  It doesn’t matter if you have a dedicated space or you’re working from your kitchen table, if you feel good about where you are, you’re more likely to accomplish something.  On the other hand, if your craft storage shelves are so scary you’re afraid to turn your back on them, you have a problem.  I speak from experience when I say it’s nearly impossible to make anything while peeking over one shoulder.

As I’ve mentioned before, I basically have two crafting areas.  We have a room that used to belong to my son, until he realized no one lived in the basement and it was fair game.  His old room is now where I store my craft supplies and do most of my prep and non-sewing work.  It’s also home to two rather large pieces of exercise equipment that actually get used.  Because exercising and being creative both require an inviting space, my hubby and I decided it was time to organize.  After a trip to Ikea, getting rid of a few things and some assembly and muscle work by not-me, the room went from this…

Sewing Room 1

…to this!

Sewing Room 2

I just want to twirl around in circles in it.


Sewing Room 3


Sewing Room 4

The other side of the room isn’t quite as dramatic because we recently added some shelving, but still better than before:

Sewing Room 5

After we were done:

Sewing Room 6

My sweet husband even added a countertop to my sewing area in the office.  This is the before out there, with no where for anything to go as I fed it through the sewing machine:

Sewing Room 7

And after:

Sewing Room 8

My label maker is smoking and I couldn’t be happier about my newly organized and inspiring work space.  Thanks for letting me share it with you.  Time to go make something!