Friday Favorites No. 331

If all went as planned, we arrived back home from Italy last night. I wrote this post before I left, because I'm fairly certain I have a major case of jet lag right now, and wouldn't even begin to make sense. Even more than usual. Once I've had a chance to adjust and unpack, I'll be back to tell you all about it!

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Have you seen Zootopia? We don't catch many animated movies anymore, but we were told it was a must-see. We loved it, and my husband STILL can't stop talking about the sloths at the DMV. Thanks to Craft Passion, I can make him one of his very own.

Not only is this woven basket from Atkinson Designs pretty, but it looks like it would be really fun to make. I've been wanting to try some sort of weaving, and this seems right up my alley.

Since we're approaching that time of year when you can find both fresh lavender and blackberries, this scone recipe from Half Baked Harvest is a must-try.  Imagine how these smell when they're cooking. Mmmm...

I'll admit this recipe from Unlikely Martha is a bit unusual, unless you ordinarily make your guacamole with watermelon. But after I read the ingredients I realized it actually sounds pretty delicious!

When I was young I went through a phase where I was obsessed with horses. In later years it became more of a situation where I like to admire them, but don't need one of my own. This horseshoe heart from Lucky Nail Blacksmith on Handmade at Amazon though? This I do need.

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Friday Favorites No. 328

April is nearly over. Can you believe it? That means we're about to get smacked in the head by May, which has always been a crazy month in our house. I used to think it was because the kids had so much going on with the end of the school year, but even after they grew up and moved out it stayed a little nuts. Maybe it's the transition into better weather so there's more to do. If that's the case, I'm in. Bring on the crazy.

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If you have a kid who likes to carry around a little buddy, and all of said buddy's stuff, this backpack from Crazy Little Projects would be a great gift. Just make sure that backpack is comfortable for you to carry as well, because you know you're gonna.

These bag handles from So Sew Easy are pretty, and a great way to use up some fabric scraps.

What I like the most about these kitchen printables from The Happy Housie is that the background on each makes it look a bit like cross-stitch or embroidery, without the long hours of stitching.

I know it hasn't been very long since I featured a peanut butter dessert here, but just look at these stuffed cookies from Delish. Who could say no to those?

You really have to see the whole line of word jewelry from vanessahandmade on Etsy, but the cheerful orange of this one was my favorite.

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DIY Easter Egg Fillers (that aren't candy!)

I'm making my third appearance on Afternoon Live today! No glue gun this time, so my nerves are a little calmer. My advice to anyone demonstrating a craft on live television is don't rely on a tool that has a questionable track record when no one is watching, because it's really going to act up when they are. 

(And here's the video, to prove I survived!)

Speaking of acting up, my topic today is things you can make to fill those kidlets' Easter eggs without adding to the day's sugar rush. I'm not against a few sweets, but we've all seen that flurry of Sunday clothes and plastic grass that happens when the safe jelly bean level has been exceeded. How about some ideas that not only have zero impact on their calm, but can also be fun to make? Here's a sneak peek!

Easter egg fillers you can make that aren't candy from #eastercrafts #eastereggfillers

Bracelet Kit

Let's start with one that takes nothing but a trip to the craft store (or possibly just your craft room).  This is a good one for either big kids or little, just adjust your contents accordingly.

Gather beads, buttons, charms or any other trinket you can put on a string. Add some sort of twine or cord. Be sure there's some way to hook the ends, either with a macrame style loop and knot or, as I did, a lanyard hook and a key ring.  Another nice addition is a large, blunt needle, just be sure it will fit through the beads.

You can throw everything directly into a plastic egg, but keep in mind they won't know what's inside and won't open it with the care required, so you'll be looking for beads for days. I prefer to put the kit into a small plastic bag and put that inside the egg. 

Mini Paper Airplanes

There are two ways you can package these. Either fold the plane, if it's going to someone that doesn't quite have the dexterity required yet, or just cut out the rectangle and slip that into the egg for a DIY plane.  You can print the ones I used here.

You don't even have to print these. You can cut a 2 1/2 x 2 3/4" rectangle from a magazine or even the right junk mail!

Seeds and Plant Markers

This is another super-easy one, and adjustable to the age and ability level of your recipient. Simply buy a package of seeds and add a popsicle stick or wooden ice cream spoon. You can either pre-decorate the stick as a plant marker, or let the kiddo do it (my personal preference!) I have great memory of a very tall sunflower my own little one grew one Easter.

Homemade Crayons and Printable Coloring Book

My kids used to have a big container of random crayon bits. Anything that was broken or without a wrapper went into it. My daughter actually took it with her when she left home. Those crayon box rejects would be perfect for making your own crayons.

Heat the oven to 300 degrees. Peel the wrappers off the crayons. Since I didn't have the tub anymore, I started with a box of 24, which took me an HOUR to peel. They mean for those things to stay wrapped. Break up the crayons and fill the cavities of a silicone mold. I recommend placing the mold on a cookie sheet, because trying to pull the floppy thing out of the oven when the wax has melted is impossible. Fact.

Bake for about 10 minutes, but keep an eye on it. Remove the crayons from the oven when they're just melted. Cool and pop out of the molds.

You can print the mini coloring book I made here. Try not to make fun of my art. 

You can also make your own - all it takes is a piece of paper and a black pen!

Wood Emoji Eggs

You can find wooden eggs in any craft store, in a variety of sizes. For these, I just painted them yellow with some craft paint, then added the faces with paint pens and a Sharpie.

Another option is to give the kids the bare eggs and some paint and help them create something fun.

Printable Egg Coupons

These might look like a little thing, but they have some big redemption possibilities. No chores for a whole day? A new book? Dinner of your choice? Sign me up. 

You can print out the ones I made here, or these blank eggs so you can write in your own.

Washcloth Bunny

Last but not least, I'm bringing back a little guy I shared in the olden days of the first month of this blog. I added a little tail there that I'm not doing today, so you can check that out there. All you need is a washcloth, a rubber band and a piece of ribbon to get started.

A small egg fits nicely on his back, which would be fun to fill with bath crayons or soap. I like that you can take him apart after the holiday and still use the washcloth. By the way, this idea also works with cloth napkins to decorate your Easter table.

There you are, and not a chocolate bunny or Cadbury egg in sight! I'd love to hear your ideas for filling those Easter eggs while keeping the level of sweets below DEFCON 1.  

Cross your fingers for me today!

Friday Favorites No. 324

Here we are, at the end of March, so the crafting world has turned its attention to the next big day on the calendar - Easter. Who are we kidding? That happened the moment the last of the Valentine's candy disappeared. I always feel we're a little more justified in doing that than the big retailers because, hey, it takes time to make stuff!

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Aren't these bunnies from Red Ted Art sweet? I think the main thing that drew me to them was the combination of fabrics. They look soft and cuddly, but that pop of color inside the ears really makes them stand out. 

This fold-away table from Woodworking for Mere Mortals would be a great solution to a lack of work space in a small sewing or craft room. I love how it looks like a window with shutters when it's down. On a side note, literally, how great are those crate bookshelves to the left?

You can file this egg-collecting apron from Heart Hook Home under things I didn't know I needed but are kinda awesome. Put it right next to a chicken coup with a red door.

Oh, Cadbury Creme Eggs. Thank goodness you're only around to taunt me once a year. Maybe I can squash that craving with these brownies from Cincy Shopper.

This festive pattern from TheSweetwaterCo on Etsy would be great for decorating the Easter brunch table. And each of your guests can take their carrot home! If I were you, I'd keep that bunny though... ;-)

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Friday Favorites–Quick Gifts to Make for Kids

Today is the last day to enter to win my Coffee Cup Sleeve Kits for Giveaway Day – click through to leave a comment to enter!


We’re getting down to the tinsel-covered wire, but if you’re like me there’s still Christmas making to be done.  Even when I feel like I’m getting an early start it seems like things keep popping up.  If you have little ones left to craft and sew for, I’ve got a few ideas here that can be completed before you can say jingle bells.

Quick Gifts to Make for Kids - Crafty Staci's Friday Favorites

This Ice Skating Rink from an Altoid Tin by Small World Land is a great idea, and I think the idea she mentions about using tiny photos of your kids would be adorable.

Ice Skating Rink from Altoid Tin from Small World Land

I think the reason this Velcro Kids Activity Bag from Haberdashery Fun folds open so you can easily see what’s inside, but I think that makes it a great portable play mat as well.

Velcro Kids Activity Bag from Haberdashery Fun

With a little decorating of the cardboard, these Finger Cymbals from Kiwi Crates would make a cute gift for a little musician.

Finger Cymbals from Kiwi Crate

These Jelly Bean Bracelets from Artzy Creations would be fun to make with your kids to give their friends.

Jelly Bean Bracelets from Artzy Creations

This CD Case Labyrinth from The Journals of Giddy Giddy would be a great activity to keep in the car – providing you don’t have the quick-to-get-carsick kidlets that I did.  What a great way to recycle old cases!

DIY CD Case Labyrinth from The Journals of Giddy Giddy

If you’re looking for a gift for a little DIYer in the making, why not give them a Puppet Making Kit from Childhood 101?

Something about this Mini Foosball Table from U Create just cracks me up.  How fun would this be to make?

Mini Foosball Table from U Create

These Felt Flash Cards from Sew Much Ado can also double as a memory game.  I love that you can store them on a ring to keep them from getting lost.

Felt Flash Cards from Sew Much Ado

These last two projects only qualify as quick if you already have a bit of sewing experience under your belt.  Sew Can She shares the pattern to make this handy Bike Messenger Bag.

Bike Messenger Bag from Sew Can She

This DIY Bear Rug from We Lived Happily Ever After would be fun and cute in a little one’s room.

DIY Bear Rug from We Lived Happily Ever After

Friday Favorites–DIY Gifts for Kids

As I’ve mentioned before, technically I have no kids left in my house.  If I keep saying it over and over again, eventually I might believe it.  Now that my last one turned 18, there’s nothing but adults around here, but I still enjoy browsing fun kid projects.  The day will come again when I get to make things for little ones, but by then I’ll have so many ideas saved up that I’ll never be able to finish them all.  Crafter problems, right?

Friday Favorites - 10 DIY Gifts for Kids - Crafty Staci

This set of Old MacDonald Puppets from Just Another Day in Paradise is adorable, and if you look at each individually they look like they’re pretty easy to make.

Old MacDonald Puppets from Just Another Day in Paradise

A Lego Puzzle Book like this one from Kids Activities Blog would be a great gift for a variety of ages, just vary the difficulty based on the recipient.  I want one.

Lego Puzzle Book by Kids Activities Blog

There are all kinds out outfits and accessories to make for dolls, but this Mermaid Tail from Lil Blue Boo is something I’ve never seen before. 

Mermaid Tail for a Doll by Lil Blue Boo

If you have a future chef on your shopping list, this Apron and Chef Hat from Making it Fun is a perfect gift.  Imagine all the fabric combining possibilities.

Kids' Apron and Chef Hat from Making It Fun

What kid wouldn’t love this Magnetic Me Doll from Creative Juice?  For even more fun, add in some friends and family member dolls.

Magnetic Me Doll from Get Creative Juice

Shopping is boring, especially when you’re small and cart-bound.  Liven things up with this Kids Shopping Book from She Wears Flowers.

Kids' Shopping Book by She Wears Flowers

To really get a feel for how cute and tiny The Penny Coat from Shwin and Shwin is, click through to see it on a little bitty person.

The Penny Coat from Shwin and Shwin

I love the idea of this memory game from The Purl Bee.  All you need are a bunch of fabric scraps.  Not exactly hard to come by.  I could make about a million of these.

Memory Game from The Purl Bee

All the kids on your list might not be small, but there are some great ideas out there for the older crowd too, like these Bias Tape Shoelaces from Clothworks.

Bias Tape Shoelaces from Clothworks

This Acoustic Guitar Bag from Bored and Crafty would work all the way up into the teens and even beyond.

DIY Acoustic Guitar Bag from Bored and Crafty

If none of these work for you, there’s always the classic pajama bottoms - for every age, gender, color preference and climate.  Just ask my not-kid kids.

Friday Favorites–Lego

When I was a kid, Legos were at the top of my Christmas list.  When I finally got a set, they became one of my favorite toys.  I haven’t changed all that much.  I loved playing with them with my own kids, and a few years ago replaced my Christmas village with Lego.  The best part is that they’re easy to store and we get to rebuild them every year.  We add to it often, so it now includes a police station, several houses, a toy shop and lots of people. Since my son-in-law-to-be is a firefighter, I’ll be adding a fire station soon.  You never know when your plastic house might ignite from your plastic barbeque sitting too close to it.

If you’ve ever had Legos in your house, you’ve stepped on one.  It’s likely you’ve also had to fish them out of the vacuum.  Make your little builder one of these Lego Sacks from Make It Perfect.  It spreads out as a mat for play, then draws up into a bag for storage, keeping all those little pieces together where they belong.


For those times when your Legos need to travel, check out this Lego Carrying Case from Crazy Little Projects.  Besides the fact that it’s just generally useful and cute, I love two things about this:  there’s a place for instruction manuals and that ninja fabric is adorable.


At first glance, this Lego Mini Figure Holder from She’s Crafty looks like an ordinary shelf.  However, there’s a row of Lego strips on each shelf, so all those guys won’t fall off!


Another storage option for Legos is the bin method.  obSeussed made these Lego-worthy storage containers using packaging from bulk snacks.

Blog 2012 Random22_thumb[5]

This Lego-inspired Block Bag from Etsy seller luxfordst would be a perfect gift for the grown-up Lego fan.


This DIY Lego Key Holder from Instructables user kate12345 is crazy simple, but kinda brilliant.


I.  Need.  This.  I found this Lego sewing machine on two different blogs.  The original was from Such Designs


…and the other is from 2 Little Superheroes, and was inspired by the one above.  I like both for different reasons.  I have two real sewing machines, so two Lego versions seems appropriate.

These Lego Hair Clips from Etsy seller MissCourageous would be a perfect way for your girl to show her love for Legos.


This Lego Pencil Holder tutorial from Estéfi Machado is written in Portuguese, but I don’t think you’ll need that translate button.  The photos say it all.


There’s plenty of Lego art out there, but I was especially fascinated by the red dress in this collaborative piece between sculptor Nathan Sawaya and photographer Dean West, shared on Designboom.


Have a great Memorial Day weekend! 

Friday Favorites–Playing with the Mail

Having just celebrated Valentine’s Day this week and about to head to the post office with a full bag, it seemed like a good time to share some projects I’ve found related to mail.  There ought to be something fun about it instead of just standing in line and pulling bills out of the box.

Remember when you were a kid and mail seemed so exciting?  You knew nothing of junk mail and when something arrived with your name on it…wow.  Recreate that feeling for a little one every day with these Pretend and Play Mail Carrier Sets from Seven Thirty Three.


For a cute Kids Mailbag Set, visit Fiskars.


How about one made of felt?  Check out So Much For My Plans.

I love how colorful all this Felt Mail from Lu Bird Baby is.


And a perfect little Toy Mailbox to put it in from Ucreate.


Fun mail doesn’t have to be just for kids.  I’ve wanted to make Fabric Postcards like these from Linda Matthews for years.  I just can’t seem to work up the nerve to try and mail them.


I just joined Postcrossing, so maybe that will be my excuse.  After signing up, you can exchange actual postcards with people all over the world.  I don’t know where Jurmala is, but after seeing this postcard, I kinda want to go there.  Uh, oh, I think I just found a flaw in this plan.


GiversLog has an entire section called Happy Mail dedicated to fun mail you can send that’s under 13 ounces, which is the magic number that qualifies for first class. 


Off to visit my friendly neighborhood post office!

Friday Favorites–Gifts for Kids

My favorites this week cover that smallest group in the family – the kidlets.  The catch here is that if you have little kids it’s just a tiny bit harder to make ANYTHING, but they have to sleep sometime.

This Felt Car Mat/House from Cook Clean Craft is so portable and adorable.


My favorite part of the Schneeky Schnake from Holloughby is that he can wrap around stuff.  I’m picturing some little guy running around with this around his arm.

0001 (1)

I’ve seen lots of guitar pillows, but this Ukulele Pillow from Sew4Home is a first.  I like the fact that the strings are rows of stitching, rather than actual strings like some others, as I’d be concerned about the strangulation hazard if they were to sleep with it.


This mounted zebra head from iLoveToCreate is going to require a kid with a good sense of humor and a low freak-out threshold.  That said, my son would have loved it when he was younger.  Actually, he might take one now if I avoided that pink.


Speaking of my son, when he was about 4 years old my husband made him a tool bench for Christmas.  We had the HARDEST time trying to find toy tools that year.  Now, they’re everywhere, of course, making it a lot easier to find what you need to fill this Toy Tool Belt from Monkey See, Monkey Do.


These cute little Monster Tissue Pouches from Maker*Land would be great stocking stuffers or teacher gifts.


At 18 years old, my daughter would STILL love one of these Wooden Crayon Peg Boards from Lines Across My Face.  That girl can spend hours arranging things in rainbow order.  Among her favorites are Skittles, crayons, Legos and my Fiesta ware.


Topping this play table with chalkboard paint was a stroke of genius.  Thanks to I Heart Organizing for the instructions.


Oh, Angry Birds, you’re everywhere I turn!  This Angry Birds Can Toss Game from Homemade Beauties by Heidi will get them off the electronic version and moving.


Another cultural phenomenon right now are those pillow-animal-things.  I’ve never taken a close look at them, but I’m glad to see this Brown Bear Pillow tutorial from Sugar Bee Crafts so you can make your own.


Only a few crafting days left until Christmas!

Friday Favorites–Felt Food

It’s time to come out with it – I completely love felt food.  If I would have known it was a thing when my kids were small, they could have opened a restaurant with all the felt food I would have made for them.  They’re lucky I don’t make it now, in lieu of the real stuff.  Felt Pad Thai?  Felt Tacos?  How about Felt Leftovers?

The first link I remember saving was to the Gulf Coast Cottage Etsy shop.  One of my favorites is this Peanut Butter and Jelly Lunch pattern.  How can you not love felt cheese doodles?


How about noodles for dinner?  Visit Treasures for Tots to make this Felt Tortellini and Pasta Tin.


What’s better with pasta than a Creative Salad from The Creative Salad?


Maybe you’d rather have pizza?  Helping Little Hands shows you how to make this cute version as part of her Felt Food Cook-Along.

Jan 213

Don’t forget a side of Carrots from Art Threads.  I love the stitching on the greens.


So, you’ve had your lunch, dinner and veggies – it’s time for dessert!  What better place to start than this Ice Cream Sundae from Lark Crafts?



Maybe you’re settling in for a movie.  You’re going to need Felt Movie Snacks from Craftiness is Not Optional.


You’re going to wake up the next morning, still craving felt food.  That’s just how it is.  Fill the void with Bacon and Eggs from The Gunny Sack.

felt eggs

For a little something sweet to go with the rest of your breakfast, try this Felt Cinnamon Roll from Smashed Peas and Carrots.


Personally, I want this Starbucks Felt Play Set from Sew Homegrown.  I’m trying to ignore the fact that it says it’s for two year olds.  I can set it on my desk every time I feel sorry for myself that Starbucks doesn’t deliver to the boonies.


Many of these sites have additional felt food projects, so if you’re as obsessed as I am, be sure to check them out!

Friday Favorites–Independence Day

I’m back from hot, sparkly Las Vegas, just in time for the 4th of July!  It won’t be hot here, but we can count on sparkly. 

Years ago, when we moved into our house, we were thrilled to discover we can watch one of the large, local fireworks displays from the comfort of our back deck.  I don’t think we’ve left home on Independence Day since.  There’s food, sometimes music, and always bug spray.  I’ve rounded up a few ideas today we might throw into the mix this year.

I like the simplicity of this Apothecary Jar from Makoodle.  Great for the 4th of July, but subtle enough it could be left out year-round.


I never make Jello anymore.  I don’t know why, because I actually like it.  I think this American Flag Jello from Polwig is the perfect opportunity to jump back in.


There’s always that lag between dinner and dark enough for fireworks.  This Fourth of July Balloon Dart Game from Roots and Wings Co would be a great way to spend that time.


I love dipped pretzels, so you can imagine how I feel about this Pretzel Americana from Poca Cosa.


I’ve attempted an American flag quilt or two in the past, but they don’t compare to this one from Etsy seller justsewquilts.


I’ve seen this cake on several websites, but So Wonderful, So Marvelous has great directions.


I’ve heard a rumor that soon toilet paper won’t have that little cardboard tube on the inside anymore.  You better start saving up so you can make these cute Confetti Popper Rockets from Alphamom.


I think these ribbon sticks from A Girl and A Glue Gun would be a great alternative to sparklers for the little ones.


The thing I love about these 4th of July Shirts from Make It and Love It is that there’s a boy version  and a girl version.  Having one of each myself, I’ve always been a sucker for that kind of thing.


Everywhere I turn lately, I see Star Spangled Strawberries like these from From Glitter to Gumdrops.  I think that means I need some.


Have a happy and safe pre-Independence Day weekend!

Friday Favorites–Stuff on a Stick

It’s Friday again, and the weatherman has promised we will finally see the temperature hit 80 degrees this weekend.  We haven’t seen 80 around here since the beginning of October last year, so we’re all kind of giddy.  I’m very ready for some sunshine.  What does any of that have to do with stuff on a stick?  Not a thing, but putting something on a stick has a similar effect to putting eyes on it – it just gets cuter and I’m in the mood for cute.

Most of my favorites this week are food, but I don’t know if I could bring myself to actually eat these Chili Pepper Cake Balls from Nikki in Stitches.


These Cinnamon Rolls on a Stick from Artisan Bread in Five are cute too, but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t keep myself from eating them.


Visit Confessions of a Cookbook Queen for the Cream Pie on a Stick recipe, but stay for the hilarious story she tells along with it.


My kids would LOVE these Donut Pops from Potter and Butler.  Don’t tell them.


Speaking of my kids, here is their first, and so far only, Instructable.  They have detailed how to make their Fluffy Cheesy Weiner Kebabs.  Don’t knock it until you try it.


This one is a little out of season, but I’ve still got Hot Chocolate on a Stick from Givers Log on my to-do list.  They might be good to take camping.  Or just freeze them and eat them like a popsicle.


We’ve all seen the cake pops everywhere, which are delicious and cute, but my heart is all a-twitter for these Pie Pops from Luxirare.  The photos are gorgeous.


I love these PopTarts on a Stick from Saucy’s Sprinkles.  I really just love that they’re homemade PopTarts – the fact that they’re on a stick is a bonus.


Just so you know there’s other fun stuff that comes on a stick besides food, here’s an adorable Sock Stick Horse from The Napping House.


These Soapsicles from TeachSoap look edible, delicious in fact, but unless you’re being punished for some colorful language, keep them out of your mouth.


Friday Favorites–Babies

Ok, they aren’t only my favorites on Fridays. I love babies any day of the week.  But there seems to be a lot of craft bloggers out there right now who are expecting or the little bundle has recently arrived, so this seems like a good time to share with you some of the cute baby-related things I’ve found lately.  Makes me a little nostalgic for when mine were little. 

This first project may have caught my eye because she used my newfound love – red and turquoise, but these Boutique Style Bibs from Lots of Pink Here would be cute in any color.


I’m pretty sure nothing I can say about these Cowboy Boots from Nap Time Crafter would do them justice.


Babies like to grab stuff, and they like it to be interesting to touch.  This Tagged Star from Sew a Straight Line fits the bill.


It’s been a while since my kids were babies, but I do remember they like to be wrapped up tight.  This Receiving Blanket Baby Wrap from Shannon Makes Stuff is a clever way to get the job done.


I’ve seen several versions of these Boys Applique Tie Onesies, but the little stripes on these from Brassy Apple just make them so much cuter.


These breastfeeding pillows were invented about five seconds after I was done needing them, but they’re brilliant all the same, as is this Breastfeeding Pillowcase from Make Your Own Baby Stuff.


And while we’re on the subject of breastfeeding, I also remember going through an awful lot of those disposable nursing pads.  Why didn’t I think to make my own Reusable Nursing Pads like the Hipster Hostess?


I’ve seen the diaper cakes, but next time I get a reason to make one, I’m going with this Diaper Tricycle from Southern Fried Gal.


Nothing says “baby gift” like a rattle…especially one you’ve made yourself.  Visit The Polka-Dot Umbrella for this adorable Soft Rattle.


I don’t think a diaper bag can have too many pockets.  In fact, there have been times I’ve been tempted to buy one just to carry my own stuff in.  Thanks to The Polka Dot Chair at Moda Bake Shop, I can make my own.


I’m going to have to find a baby to borrow.